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SkaDate: The Only True Professional Solution to Start Online Dating Business

SkaDate: The Only True Professional Solution to Start Online Dating Business


Let’s cut to the chase – you are here because you want a working online dating site/app that makes money. The inevitable  question is which platform to choose. Your success will depend on whether you can easily manage it, while your site members enjoy visiting it often. Going cheap with software to run any kind of business is obviously a bad idea, which can hit you hard when you least expect it. But, hey, the good news is that there are plenty of option to choose from.

Developing from Scratch vs Ready Solutions

If you can afford it, and have a lot of time on your hands to reach the end goal, you can go the route of developing your own business platform from scratch. The benefits are seemingly apparent – basically you can turn any of your ideas into reality. In practice though, this never comes close to affordable. The generous average to get your own development, design and payment integrations going is $20.000. And if you are set on doing this on your own, get ready to micromanage and juggle schedule a lot, as nothing will go to plan. Look at major software and game producers with budgets in the millions – even they miss deadlines by a wide margin all the time, and then still release patches after the product is out.

On the other hand, turn-key solutions come in all shapes and sizes. The cheaper the price tag, the less you get in regards to features and especially services. In fact, you can go as cheap as $50, just to see what’s all the fuss is about. But seriously. You are starting a business. On a $50 platform. Think about it for a second. And then there are professional solutions, like the ones based on SkaDate Dating Software, supported by entire production teams, and ready to launch and maintain your dating business. That’s the difference between buying a tool and hiring a specialist already equipped with all the necessary tools (that you might not even be aware of). The price tag here is higher, but still affordable, starting with $999.


What’s in the Price?

SkaDate is a Premium solution. The goal of SkaDate teams is to get the client on the fastest path possible towards making money with his online dating business (based on website, or apps, or
both). Compare that to cheaper options on the market, where the goal is simply to give the client some software and leave him alone to tweak it around.


What’s a Solution?

A solution is not just a box with software code.  A solution is a carefully selected list of features and services that actually helps you start your online dating business with SkaDate dating script. We believe that your site (or apps) should work like an assembly line, turning your audience activity into real money. The price comes from services and support provided by SkaDate specialists, every step of the way. Note that it is possible to hire a developer or designer or SEO specialist, or app store manager, etc., separately. But if you are not a huge company, why would you do that? Depending on qualification of said specialists, it can cost you a fortune in monthly budget spending.  Whereas SkaDate saves you time and money, giving all services neatly packed into separate solutions (Web – for web only projects, Mobile – for Tinder-like app only projects, Complete – for website supported by mobile apps combination, and Advanced – for larger-scale custom projects, run by personal managers).


The Services

Software Installation and First Steps

You might not realize this, but installing a business solution is not like installing a game on your PC. Everything should be secure (you’ll be getting personal information from your users),
click together nicely (for later customization and making your business idea unique), and not fail unexpectedly (when the traffic increases and you start making money from registrations). We take care of all that and install the software for you after the purchase.

In the meantime, our support team will send you all the necessary documentation in case you decide to have a go at the software on your own. We will also gather as much info about your planned project as possible. This is needed to consult you on the best course of action, and create a working development roadmap.

Multi-level Support System

We have handpicked our diverse support team, which is now legendary in our industry for their level of devotion to clients and involvement in their issues. We are always ready to answer any of your questions and provide help with the site or project in general. The first month after the purchase we help you entirely for free – and that’s enough to set up and configure your site. All further support is completely optional.

Note that we run a multi-level support system – including customer forum, tickets, live chats, and even Skype calls, depending on your situation. SkaDate support is unmatched in the dating software niche – with real professionals, providing top quality assistance

SEO, ASO, AdWords

Seeing these acronyms is a turnoff for many, since it implies a lot of tedious and meticulous work. Still, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important steps for your site’s success after initial installation and configuration. Once it’s up and running you must bring some traffic over, and it should be easy for people to find. We’ll help you with this too – in fact, we’ll do the same for your SkaDate mobile dating applications in App Store and Google Play. We can even set up and run ad campaigns in Google for you. You’ll never be left on your own with promotion.

App Branding & Store Submit

Another intricate part of running a full-fledged dating business is mobile dating apps maintenance. Do you know how to customize them, re-brand, and monetize to your liking? Have you ever talked to stern Apple support who doesn’t want to get your apps submitted for some reason (this happens more often than you think). Well, we take full care of that too. You tell us what you want from the apps, and we make it happen, and get them to stores, and later to end users.

Personal Project Management

With SkaDate Advanced Solution you get a Personal Project Manager – basically a your own team member within our company. Your PM will be always on top of things related to your project – deadlines, modification schedules, campaign launches, etc. The PM is the most direct communication link between you and the development, design, modification and promotion team. You’ll be getting first-hand and first-rate daily feedback from the highest level professional within the company, with enormous experience of launching successful large-scale projects.  

And many, many more!

The list of provided services goes on. For instance, we offer the most competent modification works on the market at regular prices. You have a unique idea to add to your site? We can implement it. We also supply you with scalable hosting options – we’ll set up your environment, and monitor it to keep going steady. Once you grow, we’ll let you know how to optimize the performance of your site. Plus, we can give
you additional security, pre-populate your site with real user profiles, offer you domains, etc.

There’s just so much more, but it all depends on your particular project – give us a call, and we’ll consult you for free regarding launching online dating site and business. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  There are many software on the market, but there is only one SkaDate.

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