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SkaDate Security

We have spent years and countless iterations to make SkaDate as robust and secure as modern technologies allow. For a software product, security is not a one-off project, but a culture of development and testing. It takes expertise and experience to build and it takes discipline to maintain.

Here are our main approaches to security in SkaDate:


We employ the best practices and use high-level developer frameworks in SkaDate. This minimizes human factor and ensures that SkaDate automatically supports the industry-standard code security approaches.


If you choose to run on SkaDate hosting, you take advantage of automatic backups and security patches on our AWS infrastructure. That should take care of 90% of possible security threats.


We always patch SkaDate within hours after learning about a particular vulnerability in the product and then push the update for all SkaDate websites.

The last security vulnerability that became public before we fixed it, was registered back in 2010.


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