SkaDate iOS & Android App Customization Information

It is very important to understand what SkaDate App Customization can bring to the table, and how to correctly implement it to avoid future misunderstandings and troubles. We offer you the following in regards to customization:




Basic Package is a one-time service for the base modification of the generic SkaDate app:


1. Branding change – we will replace the default application name and icon to the ones used on your website, and also remove Site URL field for all visitors during the sign-in.


2. Monetization – we will enable In-app purchases in accordance with the set-up of the desktop site, install Flurry analytics for app user behavior breakdown, and enable AdMob App advertising (by request).


3. Localization – you can send us the translation of required fields within the app into any desired language and we will localize it according to your needs. Please contact SkaDate Support for more information.


4. Application approval process – we will submit the SkaDate Applications under your name to the App Store / Google Play for approval.


5. Statistics — enable Flurry Analytics (by request).




Here’s iOS & Android App customization breakdown to help you understand better what is best for your business at various operation stages


  1. Generic SkaDate App – no customization required

A generic SkaDate app is perfectly fine in itself and is actually the preferred choice for the vast majority of new sites that are just starting in the business. At this stage many webmasters experiment with the concept – trying out various ideas, changing niches, setting-up monetization plans, playing with different templates and designs.


Generally speaking, this is the process all start-ups go through. You can add the link to the application in the App Store to your site for your users right after the purchase. Contact SkaDate Support for more information.


  1. Basic Customization, Rebranding and Store Submit

Once the concept of the desktop dating site is settled, the design is in place, and the business model is finalized, it is time to transfer your basic idea to the app. At this stage all you need is to re-brand the app, enable in-app purchases, install analytical and advertising tools, and localize it if needed.


Keep in mind that each Basic Customization Pack is a one-time single service. 


  1. Additional Customization and Re-submit Service – $99 per each iteration*

The introduction of changes to your desktop site later in your operation may lead to a re-customization of the app. At the same time, every year Apple introduces enhancements and updates to its core products, while we are also always improving SkaDate app to maintain it as the best mobile dating tool on the market. All of this means that a re-submit of the app after it’s been re-customized may be required.


Note that it is completely up to you to update the app to the latest version and requirements. However, to avoid re-submission hassles and the chores of reintroducing changes brought with Basic Customization Pack, you can simply order the Additional Customization and Re-submit Service from us.


* The costs of re-customization and re-submit of applications with customizations not included in the Basic Customization Pack (major customizations) are calculated separately, and agreed upon individually prior to the start of customization work.