SkaDate Benefits

What you get for your money

With software based on Open Source platform all SkaDate customers enjoy the additional security and stability, not to mention a modern easy-to-use solution supported by the ever-growing community of outside developers.

This is important, since most (if not all) other solutions on the market are basically self-contained infrastructures with dictatorial rules when it comes to customization to satisfy one’s needs. It’s either extremely hard to find a competitive outside developer to dig into an unknown code, or worse – pay a lot of hard earned cash to the company, if it agrees to modify anything at all.

It’s different with SkaDate. The best point of reference would be WordPress. You have the platform, and then there is a vast community of programmers regularly churning out all sorts of stuff to tweak your site. The same with SkaDate and Oxwall. Don’t you already see the possibilities here with all the flexibility and open options?

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