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SkaDate Certified Engineer Directory

Certified SkaDate Engineers Directory

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Looking to join the ranks of Certified SkaDate Engineers? Contact us with a short bio, work and education background, as well as portfolio of completed plugins developed for SkaDate/Oxwall. Our development team will assess your candidacy, and issue you an appropriate certification in accordance with the skill set level. You can then be listed in the Certified SkaDate Engineers Directory, and include the certification link in your VC or third-party freelance directory listings.

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[q_team team_image=”22805″ team_name=”Natalie Winsome” team_position=”Certified SkaDate Engineer” team_description=”Plugin development, custom modifications work, individual projects, project management.” team_social_icon_1=”fa-adn” team_social_icon_1_link=”″]
[q_team team_image=”22822″ team_name=”Evgeniy Podyachev” team_position=”Certified SkaDate Engineer” team_description=”Project estimation, plugin development, custom modifications work, lead development” team_social_icon_1=”fa-adn” team_social_icon_1_link=”″]