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Skadate Scam?

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SkaDate Scam Allegations

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SkaDate dating software has been in the market long enough to gain trust of industry professionals and thousands of customers with active dating websites. We do our best to maintain the product and service quality at the highest level, which helped us become the finalist of iDate Awards for several years in the row in the highly-contested ‘Best Dating Software Provider’ nomination, and even reach the runner-up position in 2012.

As an independent company we’ve been doing our best polishing up SkaDate dating software for years to keep its features competitive and up-to-date. We strongly believe that actions speak better than words, and our product’s lasting popularity is a testament to that. Only through overwhelming support of our customers we’ve been able to continuously improve our software and service, bringing it to the current top level.

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Still, we feel there’s a need to address a rather unfortunate situation with certain fake reviews we’ve encountered a few years back. Despite common sense and evidence pointing otherwise, we’ve been targeted in a smear campaign labeling several dating scripts, including SkaDate, as scam.

For starters let’s see what a scam actually is. In brief, scamming is swindling someone for financial benefit. In terms of providing a dating script, we assume, this would be selling a non-functioning product that would appear to be broken or not customizable. Quite obviously this is untrue for SkaDate. Thousands of sites powered by our software all speak against this; besides, we offer a full-featured dating solution with access to a 100% open source code with no encrypted files, so that argument goes right out the window.

We also offer free installation services at your purchase, and guarantee that you will get an up and running site in no time (provided your server meets our system requirements). We know that seeing is believing, and that’s why we have created a page where anyone can see real live sites powered by SkaDate dating software. Another way to confirm this is to take a look at all the real SkaDate customers’ reviews and testimonials.

Naturally, not every single SkaDate critical review on the Internet is fabricated. We admit that just like any other business we have customers who were not able to reach success with SkaDate and vented their frustration online. We have nothing against such feedback, and in fact, are always doing our best to find the most suitable solution even in such situations.

At the same time, we hope that in this day and age people have enough common sense to tell fake reviews and allegations from the real deal. Just to be more in the loop and have a few pointers, make sure to check out an article written by Skalfa LLC CEO Emil Sarnogoev regarding the matter.

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