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Building Strong Families Together

Industry reports show that a new trend is emerging in online dating. Smaller dating sites are now finding great success by providing services to very specific groups of people. This narrowing of the niche works wonders for singles. Think about it. Major market players like Match are catering to basically everyone. But this complicates the search for the love of your love. With small but focused sites your chances of meeting like minded people become much greater.

A bright example of this successful formula is MeetMeUz. The pure and simple goal of the site is to help users build real families. The catch is that most members are from Central Asia, now scattered all around the world. The site is now a one stop for compatriots to meet and start families with the same cultural background and values.

And it works! The first marriage between singles who met on the site was registered less than a half a year after the launch. Here’s an excerpt from the love story between a girl in Uzbekistan and an Uzbek immigrant in US:

“I liked the site because I could specify search criterias and see compatibility. The very next day I got a first message from the man… who eventually became my husband! He was in the US and I in Uzbekistan. (…) At first I was still chatting with several guys, but already felt I really found The One. (…) Three months later we met in person in Turkey and confirmed that our feelings were genuine. He proposed to me in one of Sultan Suleiman palaces. (…) In four months I got my US visa and arrived to New York on September 1, 2015. Our marriage was registered a month later, and now we live as a strong and happy family!”

MeetMeUz Dating Site
Three months later we met in person in Turkey and confirmed that our feelings were genuine...

The road to success wasn’t always clear for MeetMeUz. At one point the site was hardly accessible in several countries due to lack of good connectivity. The solution was found through the use of SkaDate’s iOS app. Now members with no access to MeetMeUz website can still find their soul-mates online.

Site owner Amir Amirov is very encouraged by this success and plans further expansion. He says: “For us – it’s just the start of an amazing journey. The feeling of uniting people and helping them build strong families is awesome! Our community is growing and the next step is to go full mobile. I would like to thank SkaDate for helping me bring this idea to life!”

If they could do it, so can you. Why wait?