SkaDate is software for dating sites with video chat capabilities.

With hundreds of native and third-party features, SkaDate is a very powerful online dating suite. Various plugins allow customers shaping up their dating sites to best represent their business models. One of them is the ever-popular Webcam Dating Service.

From the get go we took a thorough approach to such a massive feature. We didn’t want to provide customers with cheap knock-offs of the system, since numerous imitators already flood the market as it is. Needless to say, almost all available solutions don’t quite cut it, so we set out to make an ultimate useful webcam plugin for SkaDate, which will work the way it should be. We envisioned our video tool as a stable, reliable and flexible solution, manageable by anyone even with no web development experience. Full control over operation is essential, allowing admins tweaking any number of settings through SkaDate administration area. Seamless video recording, playback, streaming, and messaging integration is also among the top priorities. In order to produce the best possible Video and Webcam Dating plugins we are taking time, and not rushing the development. At present we are carefully designing all the necessary interfaces, which will be followed by an extensive quality testing, and an eventual release later in the year. Make sure to subscribe to our social media pages to keep up with the progress – we’ll make sure to post appropriate updates shortly.