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What People Say

What People Say About SkaDate Dating Script & Community Software

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Check out SkaDate reviews and testimonials made by the real existing and potential customers. SkaDate Dating Software team is happy to provide you with a top-notch service and a product that can power up your dream of having a professional dating/community site.

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Amber Brooks,
Florida, United States

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SkaDate Turns Your Idea Into a Business: Customized Software for Dating Websites and Apps.

Making a dating site becomes effortless — even for beginners — when you have professional tech support. SkaDate provides dating software so you don’t have to start from scratch. With unlimited templates, custom features, and marketing help, this site has the tools and expertise to get your site up and running. From a two-person team, Emil Sarnogoev has steadily grown his business to build, launch, and maintain over 20,000 websites over the past decade.

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Fyn, Denmark

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I chose Skadate as the platform because it had good templates and the support was very helpful in all aspects.

Later I bought another software package bacause it had more features and I started developing a new template for that. After a while, skadate came up with new features…and new features… and I very quickly realized that their support and continuous development of the software was the most important thing for me – the support on the other software I bought was awful and their promises on developing the software – never happened. I then decided to stay with Skadate – and haven’t regreted it at all.

So – if you need a trustable software provider, who continiuosly develop the software according to the needs from its customers – you should choose Skadate.

Dennis Weiler
Hamburg, Germany

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I tested several Dating Software (maybe all) and there is nothing like skadate. Every detail you need is there. The best administration I have seen on any software. Last not least and outstanding price gives no room for any other software. If you want success – only go with the best!

North Carolina, US 

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Mobile Web is the future and the future is here with Skadate. By creating a mobile friendly version of Skadate Skafla has realized more humans have access to the web via their cell phones than land line connections. If you don’t have a mobile device friendly site you are living in the past.

I have been following and comparing Skadate dating solution through it’s evolution for the past 2 years and to keep it simple the software has stayed on the cutting edge with the latest development tools of the day. The Skadate website is very informative and the sales reps have been very professional and quick to answers all of my questions.

As soon as I can nail down a suitable domain I will be a Skadate entrepreneur. I have the technical skills to develop or adjust the visual templates and the resources to add my own custom modules in PHP and AJAX. I am looking forward to working with Skalfa.

Patrick Rhoden
Taunton, UK

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Hello, first thank for finally giving us a site that meets our needs, it wasn’t so easy to work out at the beginning but once you start to understand your system it becomes much easier to get things done and this also includes your customer support services.

i looking forward to using many of the software products you offer to make our site even better in the future.

Randy Okane
Ohio, US

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I just wanted to take a moment to commend you on the work that you do on the forums. Having read almost every post for the past few months and comparing the support that I have gotten with the concerns of other users, I think you are doing a great job.
Part of the difference seems to be that I have a really good programmer who works with me. As a result, we do not keep screwing up the code only to blame SkaDate. I do not think I have run across an issue that was not ultimately the fault of something the user did. Goodness knows many of our problems stem from not understanding the system…..such as when we set up different birthdates. That however was easily solved.

I find it amazing that someone will complain that there must be a software problem because they can not sign in…..without revealing that they created a custom template. Then they find that it was their template causing the problems.

Each day as I learn more about the program, I am more and more amazed at the administration panel. The things that it allows you to do without the use of a programmer is truly amazing. Having had programmers make numerous complicated web sites for me, I can tell you that I wish I had that on all of my sites.

I also wanted to say that a couple of times you have suggested a custom solution as a solution….such as changing the color on the mobile edition. As a general rule, I want to know if things can be fixed/changed from the administration panel. If not, then I let my programmer make changes. However, I do that as a last resort.

Once again, thank you for all of the support. It has been wonderful.

Chad Miller,
Arizona, US

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I searched and did research for six months. The best dating/social networking script I found was Skadate. The Skadate Team helped me get the site customized to my liking and as of two weeks ago we are now live. I am looking forward to all of the new upgrades that continuously come along and am excited to now be starting the design and customization of my second site using Skadate. Keep up the good work!

Ludo Timp
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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My findings are very positive with Skadate. Every time I asked a question, even if it was in a hurry, they answered very correctly and tried to give a workable solution. The girls and guys from the support department are very professional in their work and have a very large know how in their skills. This is shown in the to-the-point answers they give and the help they provide.
Also the modding-department is very good in their actions. When you describe in detail what you need in a mod for your site, they make it as you described it. They also look over your shoulder in many other cases, sometimes not directly related to the product they sold you. So that’s even a extension they give as help on their normal support.

Skadate helped me unimaginable in creating the site that I have today. Their Skadate dating software is very detailed and customizable. You think you buy a standard site with some standard templates for that little amount of money but in fact you buy a little goldmine! I find myself very lucky to end up with their software and support, after many disappointments with other dating software. You can take a look at my website: on how great their software can be transformed to a fully customized datingsite with all the functionality you can ever wish for.

Sarawak, Malaysia 

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Here are the reasons why I chose SkaDate over other dating software:

Well thought out and well planned Admin control panel – if you have tried other dating software, you’ll know what I mean.
Feature rich at affordable price.
You can easily modify this dating software to turn it into other application e.g. classified ads, job board, etc.
100% Open Source Code.

California, US 

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I was assigned the task to hunt down the best social dating application for our portal sites.

Well, what started out easy became a very involved research project. I can proudly proclaim that we’ve pretty much evaluated every single available social dating software vendors out there.

After months of time, effort, and money involved… we narrowed down to the top 3 contenders. As of this week, we’ve decided on SkaDate. There are too many reasons to list. But let’s just say that they are hands down the best application supported by a great software vendor. An application can only be as good as the company that develop and supports it. Now, I can take a mini-vacation (from the stress related researches). Way go to SkaDate!


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Skadate helped me very quickly build a great website and it saved me the huge effort of building a site on my own from scratch. Now my site has over 13,000 members in just over one year. When I started I had no idea how to build a dating site, but the skadate support was very helpful to get my site up and running.

Sure there are several other dating site software packages out there, but skadate’s php code and database are efficiently designed, so that with only some basic knowledge of php – you can easily modify it yourself, or if necessary it relatively inexpensive to outsource small enhancements.


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Step 1: come up with a catchy website domain name for your dating site, for us, was the winner.

Step 2: conduct a quick analysis to see how much time/money will be involved to build a site internally.

Step 3: realize that you’re a startup company with limited time/money, therefore you should outsource the code build-out.

Step 4: Discover that a company like SkaDate provides an all-inclusive turnkey solution that could have you up and running the same day you had the idea.

Step 5:  Shift focus from code to turning a profit and enjoy.

Hermann Matthias
Cebu, Philippines

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Here are the main reasons why we chose SKADATE:

easy to handle for the admin;
free installation;
ready to go;
very up to date designs;
configuration allows very detailed searches for the member;
greatly price-performance ratio.

Domenic Martinello
New Hampshire, US

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I’ve never dealt with customer service this good before! This is fantastic. I’ve had 2 failed sites trying to do this that failed because the companies sold me software and wouldnt modify it for any reason… was very upsetting. But you have some great software and people.

Thank you for all the hard work and answering my millions of questions!

Thanh Xuan Le
Minnesota, US

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Before buying the software I have a lot of doubt about the software and service from Skafa. However, I quickly realized the tremendous value that I acquired. Skadate platform is always up to date, improved because new functionalities are being added, revised as requested by client community.

The free month of support and Free setup was a GREAT value as I struggled to configure the software at first. I could not be happier with the software and service that Skadate Platform / Skafa provides. Keep up the great work and thank you for your effort.

London, UK 

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Something totally different from others and easy to use by members and admin. Hopefully will start soon and will achive good results.

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Ontario, Canada 

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SkaDate is by far the most superior dating software+script in the market, and there’s no competitor close. I’ve been on the market looking for a dating script that is not only customizable but also something that offers more than your typical dating site. My first look at the SkaDate demo, blew my mind! It not only comes with a FREE installation (most companies charge an arm and a leg) but also so many components and plugins for free! All for $350??? That’s a steal.

I’ve definitely seen what’s out there from Joomla “Love Factory” to many other so-called “out-of-the-box” software and scripts… and almost all of them either are just plain ugly and limited or just completely non-user friendly.

Did I mention they offer FREE templates as well? I wish I found SkaDate sooner, instead of wasting money of other wanna-be sites. Great work SkaDate! I can’t wait to see what more you got in store for us.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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Here are my reasons: Skadate have very good docs and the have a nice Forum with nice community people so we Learning together. And we have a very good Global Moderator Jane. Thanks for the good work people. Loves you all, Milko Dutch Skadate Member From Amsterdam


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Our site really started living when we switched from custom built dating software to SkaDate. It’s just exciting to see professionals in work. We have around 600,000 members and must I say it’s really a technical hassles free business with SkaDate platform and team.

Don Peek
Iowa, US 

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The First SkaDate I have was Version #3, Now we run ver #7, It has come a long way.. I have been very happy and keep looking forward to new updates.

Sarajevo, Bosinia and Herzegovina 

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I do not use skadate yet…  but still! Plans are to start a web site. As the first ball that I pay tribute to the designers… (good, European design first and foremost, not too much, not too little)… “A book of faces” is clean and nice. God job guys.