SkaDate Portfolio and Testimonials

These are just a few testimonials from businesses benefitting from co-operation with SkaDate. We will be adding more sites powered by the new version of SkaDate soon.

Step 1 – come up with a catchy website domain name for your dating site, for us, was the winner.

Step 2 – conduct a quick analysis to see how much time/money will be involved to build a site internally.

Step 3 – realize that you’re a startup company with limited time/money, therefore you should outsource the code build-out.

Step 4 – Discover that a company like SkaDate provides an all-inclusive turnkey solution that could have you up and running the same day you had the idea.

Step 5 – Shift focus from code to turning a profit and enjoy.


Skadate helped me very quickly build a great website and it saved me the huge effort of building a site on my own from scratch. Now my site has over 13,000 members in just over one year –

When I started I had no idea how to build a dating site, but the skadate support was very helpful to get my site up and running.

Sure there are several other dating site software packages out there, but skadate’s php code and database are efficiently designed, so that with only some basic knowledge of php – you can easily modify it yourself, or if necessary it relatively inexpensive to outsource small enhancements.


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LoveCompass Personals

Our site really started living when we switched from custom built dating software to SkaDate. It\\\\\\\'s just exciting to see professionals in work. We have around 600,000 members and must I say it\\\\\\\'s really a technical hassles free business with SkaDate platform and team.

Max D.