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Believe it or not, Google Ads is not the only way to increase traffic to your site. Here at Skadate, we specialize in dating website promotion and can help you build a continuous flow of leads to your website. And unlike Google Ads, even if you stop investing in SEO, it will continue to attract new users organically.

What We Do

In order to set your dating site up for success, our SEO promotion packages include comprehensive tools and guidance for initial project kickoff and setup as well as ongoing, monthly SEO development.

One-Time Work

Evaluation of the Niche and Promotion Budget

Each dating niche is unique and requires different SEO tools and resources. Therefore, before starting any project, we always evaluate the niche and budget to ensure our services are tailored to your individual needs.

Audit and Setup

To kick off the project, we will conduct a technical and usability audit of your website and make a report with any recommendations for improvement. Our experts will also perform the initial setup of the necessary software including Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Se Ranking.

SEO Strategy Development

In addition to our initial evaluation, we will also conduct an extended analysis of your niche and competitors. These search queries are conducted as broadly and deeply as possible, then grouped into easy-to-understand clusters, allowing our experts to identify weak points of your site and outline a strategy for successful SEO promotion.

Dating SEO CMS Installation and Initial Setup

Our team will then install the Dating SEO CMS on your server and customize it to fit the design of your site. Next, we will integrate the CMS with your Skadate Dating Software and upload public profiles to the Dating SEO CMS database.

Monthly Work

Once the initial evaluation, setup, and installation are complete, our team of SEO experts will continue to guide you along the way by managing several highly effective tasks including:

  • Creating high-traffic content: Our SEO specialists will draft content briefs for selected niches, write the content, and post it on your site through the Dating SEO CMS.

  • Optimizing landing pages: Using our management system, we will ensure your landing pages are optimized through text placement and metadata, creating a consistent flow of traffic for both the short-term and long-term.

  • Establishing backlinks to landing pages: Our team develops a strategy for attracting backlinks to the promoted website pages and for tracking the results. We analyze and moderate the current link profile of your dating website.

  • Monitoring results: Our experts are always on the lookout for technical errors and ready to jump in and fix them as soon as possible.

  • Detailed reporting: By delivering a monthly report of your website's queries, you will be able to watch your site traffic continue to grow each and every month, without questioning the effectiveness of the Dating SEO CMS.

  • Analyzing data and improving the process: Finally, our team is not just collecting data without purpose — we are constantly analyzing the CTR and the quality of snippets in the search results, making necessary adjustments as needed. By monitoring the traffic behavior of your website, our experts can improve conversion and continue to bring you more sign-ups.

Dating SEO CMS

Years of expertise have enabled us to develop a universal Content Management System (CMS) specifically for dating websites, which we refer to as Dating SEO CMS. Once installed on your server, this software allows us to start the SEO promotion of your dating site, increasing organic site traffic and eventually revenue.

Dating SEO CMS offers the following features:

  • Quickly create and optimize landing pages, as well as fill them with content.
  • Instantly make your website's pages unique by using a template system for metadata and content.
  • Manage user profiles displayed in public listings using categories.
  • Generate and deliver pages to the browser as quickly as possible, thanks to a caching mechanism.
  • Ensure security and encryption of the connection.

Dating SEO CMS is constantly being updated with new features and technologies.

Managing user profiles in the Dating SEO CMS (profiles will be ranked in the website's catalog)

Customizing automatic crosslinking between sections in the Dating SEO CMS

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. Instead, see below for how our clients got amazing results after implementing our dating SEO services with their sites. - Online Dating Site for Singles

This client approached us in 2016 when their project was flagged by a Google filter due to aggressive spam. The website was not attracting traffic from search engines, so our experts were tasked with gaining visitors from the USA, Australia, Canada, India, and New Zealand.

After an initial evaluation, we developed a comprehensive dating website promotion strategy for this site, which included creating content, optimizing the technical parameters of the website, and attracting backlinks to help us increase the website's visibility in search results.

By the end of November 2019, achieved an increase from 1,500 to 381,000 unique users per month in traffic from search engines in the target countries. With further optimization and analysis, our team achieved an even more impressive result of 900,000 unique users per month by the end of December 2021.

Tune2Love - The Safest Dating Website

Tune2Love reached out in July 2020 and tasked us with attracting targeted traffic from the USA.

After initially purchasing Skadate dating software, Tune2Love soon understood that they needed more capabilities for SEO promotion than the Skadate platform provided out-of-the-box. Therefore, our team developed the Dating SEO CMS as a solution for such needs, and now, any of the SEO clients of Skadate can leverage the Dating SEO CMS.

Regarding other needs of Tune2Love, we conducted competitor analysis based on the client's requirements and developed an SEO promotion strategy for their website. Our team helped Tune2Love develop the website, create and optimize new pages, and attract backlinks.

As a result of our work, traffic from the Google search engine increased from 0 to 30,546 unique users per month by April 30, 2022.

As of December 2023, more than 90,000 users have registered on the Tune2Love website since the beginning of active SEO efforts in July 2020. About 5,000 users register on Tune2Love every month.

Get Your Team of Experts

Your project team will include the following experts:

  • Project manager
  • Lead SEO specialist
  • Assistant SEO specialists
  • Copywriter and editor (to write all the necessary content based on content briefs)
  • Programmer, designer, and layout designer (to configure the Dating SEO CMS and, if necessary, Skadate)
  • Network administrator


The dating site SEO promotion budget covers all one-time and monthly SEO efforts, as well as monthly fees for cloud software used in the process.

All dating sites operate in some unique niche and have their peculiarities, such as competition, market volume, and diversity of queries. These factors significantly influence the amount of effort required for their promotion and the budget for attracting backlinks, which is why we always begin our work with Budget Estimation.

*To estimate the budget, we need to:

  • Collect and analyze basic keywords;
  • Analyze competitors in your niche;
  • Conduct a basic analysis of your site and determine its readiness for online dating promotion;
  • Evaluate the quantity and quality of content for the promoted pages of the site;
  • Assess the work needed to attract backlinks;
  • Evaluate, if necessary, the modifications of your website and required resources;
  • Assemble a team for your project.

This preliminary work is done one time, and its cost is calculated based on a $70 hourly rate. Usually, the preliminary phase takes approximately 20 hours.

**The cost of one-time SEO work typically amounts to $4000. Additionally, you pay the one-time $1600 licensing fee for the Dating SEO CMS.

***The cost typically amounts to $3000/month. Additionally, a separate budget is required for link placement. These budgets depend on the niche but usually amount to no less than $2000/month.

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