Join SkaDate's Affiliate Program

Earn a 15% commition on each sale

Program Highlights

"Sounds good, I'm in!"

"...wait, I have some more questions..."
1How I will receive my money?

After 20 days of the purchase made from your referral, we'll transfer money to your PayPal account.

If you are a SkaDate client:
You need to achieve a minimum of $2999 in sales and sell at least one package to request the first payout.

If you are not a SkaDate client: 
Attain sales amounting to at least $5998 and sell a minimum of two SkaDate packages.

2How much I will earn?

Here's how much you'll earn from each package sale:

  • Basic Package $999 - $149.85 earned
  • Complete Package $1699 - $254.85 earned
  • Premium Package $2999 - $499.85 earned
3How do you track the sales?

We will provide you with a unique referral link that includes a special tracking code to credit you for sales or conversions.

Share this link on your website, social media, or other digital channels. When someone clicks the link, a cookie is stored on their device. 

If the visitor makes a purchase while the cookie is active, you receive credit and earn a commission.

4Can I buy SkaDate products and services with my commission?

Good news, my friend! You can totally use your commission earnings to buy any of our cool products or services. If your commission balance doesn't cover the full cost, no worries!

You can just pay the remaining amount using any other payment method you prefer. It's all about flexibility and making things easy for you. So go ahead and treat yourself with those hard-earned commissions!

Policy on Self-Referrals:

Just a friendly reminder: we don't allow any sneaky self-referrals or any other shady referral practices in our affiliate program. We're all about keeping things fair and square here. It's important to respect the program's integrity so that everyone can benefit and enjoy the rewards. Let's keep it honest and transparent.

5What are the requirements?
Here's the deal to join our affiliate program:

You gotta have a platform to promote our awesome products and services. It could be a website, Instagram, TikTok, or even a YouTube channel.

The best part? It won't cost you a dime! Joining our affiliate program is absolutely free. We want to reward your hard work, not squeeze money out of you. So let's team up and start earning together!
Unapproved Traffic Sources:

There are a few traffic sources that we don't allow, so it's important to keep that in mind.

  1. No shady sites. If your website's toxicity level hits 70+, it's considered a shady business and can lead to the termination of our affiliate contract.
    We want to keep things legit here, regardless of how many sales you make. When you apply, we'll run a check on your website's toxicity level using SemRush. If it doesn't meet our requirements, we'll give you a heads up. Let's keep things clean and transparent, alright?

  2. No Paid Ads. If you're planning to run paid campaigns using our SkaDate trademark in your ads, we need to have a separate chat about it. Those campaigns must be approved by us first. Otherwise, any referrals coming from those sources won't count towards your payout calculations. We want to make sure everything's legit and in line with our rules. So, let's talk it out and avoid any hiccups.