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We can do a Platform like Uber or Airbnb

Match-based business model has gained huge popularity in the past decade due to its simplicity. Tinder, LinkedIn, Uber, and Airbnb are successful examples of how this model is used online already. Match-based online businesses have overwhelming success, but the market is not saturated, thanks to scale. There are still a lot of niches with a high demand for matchmaking platforms. No need to compete with big market players. You can start b2b, b2c or c2c matchmaking platform as a business for your

Build a flexible matchmaking platform and adjust it to your needs

If you want to start an online business connecting different user groups, we can make it happen by developing a matchmaking platform on demand. You can link employers and jobseekers, sports coaches and athletes, adoption services and future parents, tutors and students, doctors and patients, event organizers and partygoers – the list goes on. Anything you can think of, we can do it. It’s a game of matching people, based on the Two-Sided Marketplace Business Model.

Who can benefit from Skadate Software?


With Skadate you can create:

Event Matchmaking Platform

Simplify the process of connecting and delivering more for virtual, hybrid, and physical events. Create an engaging virtual experience for an audience to network, connect and collaborate better.  You can organize the entire event workflow for a typical, physical event too with Skadate - goal-oriented matchmaking. 

Multi-purpose matchmaking platform for communities

With Skadate you can create not only a matchmaking platform but a complete, feature-rich social network for your community. Connect people and let them interact with each other through forum discussions, private messages, video-chat, and groups.

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Maximized b2b matchmaking connectivity with SkaDate

Take full control over the dynamics of participant b2b networking. Simplify the process of connecting and deliver more for virtual, hybrid, and physical events.

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