Fake User Console

Let agents chat with users from fake accounts in one admin panel


Why do you need the Fake User Console?

How does it work?

1. After you connect the console to your website, it identifies fake accounts on your website.


2. On your SkaDate admin panel, you create one or multiple login accounts for agents - people who will chat from fake accounts.


3. Agents login to the console and check which fakes received messages from real users, and select any chat they want to proceed.


4. You can give some agents access to initiate conversations with any website user. 

5. Check the statistics of all agents' conversations in SkaDate admin panel.



You can control agents' activity in Skadate admin panel


Easily managed admin panel 

User Groups

Any time you want to start a new chat, you can pick a user you want to talk to from one of three groups: online, premium, and bought credits.

Admin name labels

As the chats can be unassigned and retaken by other admins, you can see which admin sent a message on a green label below. (Don't worry, users can not see it).

Chats management

Take any new or ongoing conversation from Unassigned Chats to stick it to yourself. If the talk is inactive for 6 hours, it automatically goes to Past Chat conversations. You can archive old chats with no activity to clean up the space for new talks.

Chat notes

You can add a side note to the conversation so that you or other admins can jump-start a dialog without reading the whole message history.

CSV Export

If you have a database of fake users, you can export them in bulk with CSV instead of adding them one by one. This feature is currently in progress and will be released soon.

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Why using fake profiles from time to time is important? 

 If you are worried about the moral implications of using SkaDate's new toy, consider this. The "Fake It Till You Make It" online business approach is there for a reason.

 To survive and succeed in this field, you've got to show even your first real visitor that your site is already bustling with life and users are just waiting to engage in chit-chat. The question was always how to achieve this quickly and affordably. And now we have the answer. 

Do I need an extensive fake user database to use Fake User Chat?

 No, you don't. A couple of controlled profiles that you and your team could be able to manage is enough to benefit from Fake User Chat. 

Are the chats happening in the Console display on the website as well?

Yes, the chats in the console are synchronized with the chats on the website. 

How can I get a demo and what are the conditions?

After you fill in the form, we'll contact you back for more website details. Once we clarify all the technical nuances, we'll install the console on your server and connect it to your website.  If you are unsure if it fits you, you can select a time for a short demo call for a live demonstration and consultation.

 You can use a free demo for two weeks. After the test period, if you want to continue using it, you can either subscribe to a monthly usage plan or make a one-time payment. If you wish to terminate the demo during or after the free usage, it will be reinstalled until you change your mind. 

 Request a demo for more information about the conditions and prices. 


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