Native Mobile Apps

The Best Dating Apps for 2024!

All SkaDate Mobile App Features

The brand new and ultra slick SkaDate apps were developed specifically for Apple and Android devices, and have all essential features of its desktop counterpart to power up your business:

Additional information

  • SkaDate mobile apps fully utilize Progressive Web App technology, which means they do not have to be submitted to app stores and can be run directly from client websites.
  • SkaDate mobile apps were developed for work exclusively with smartphones. Operation on tablets is not guaranteed.
  • SkaDate mobile apps were tested to work with the unmodified latest versions of SkaDate dating software;
  • If your SkaDate site has been modified (custom modification involving database changes), some of the app features may function incorrectly or may not be available. Contact SkaDate support to request the necessary changes and integration at additional fees;
  • SkaDate mobile apps require continuous, strong internet connection to interact with the server that hosts your copy of SkaDate in order to retrieve and display the details required;
  • Modifications to rebrand or further customize SkaDate mobile apps can be performed by SkaDate for an additional charge. Please see our app submission service;
  • Distributing rebranded or further customized applications through app stores require opening accounts and re-submitting apps to corresponding vendors (Apple Store, Android’s Google Play) at possible additional charges;
  • Note that Apple and Google have strict and complicated regulations concerning applications submitted to their Stores. During the review process, Apple Store and Google Play editors can reject applications linked to sites with explicit adult content or IP infringement.
  • In addition, Apple and Google are constantly tightening their regulations concerning the availability of ‘non-unique’ apps in their stores. Apps deemed too similar in nature to the apps already in the store have a high risk of being rejected.

The Market Will Not Wait

In 2014 mobile app usage overtook desktop web usage in the US for the first time in history. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore or underinvest in mobile. Dating + mobile is a match made in heaven! There are few industries more beneficial from the mobile revolution than dating — as history is showing.

It only makes sense to ride the upcoming wave to reach your full potential!

We want to give you a huge advantage with a robust, flexible and polished iOS and Android dating apps to drive customer adoption and retention. Get access to users’ genuinely intimate environment – homescreen. It’s very easy for users to check in several times a day, and that’s the only way for a dating business to thrive.

SkaDate is the best partner for that.