This is the general SkaDate FAQ section to answer most questions we get asked by customers.

SkaDate Desktop Solutions

1Is Skadate a cloud solution, or must it be installed on the server?
Skadate must be installed on a server, it is not a cloud solution.
2Do I need to hire a developer to launch SkaDate?
No, you don't need to hire a developer to launch SkaDate, as it’s included in our services already. However, if you have no experience with server setup and management, you may need to hire a system administrator to help you with that part of the process.
3How fast can you install my website?
Our team will be able to install the default website version within 24-48 hours, except for the weekends.
4Can I use the software for non-dating purposes?
Yes, you are correct! SkaDate is a flexible social matching platform. No matter what your niche is, as long as you are aiming to connect people, let users create their profiles, write on forums, and more, SkaDate can be a good solution for you.
5Do you have a trial period?

Yes, sure. Please feel free to request a free four-day trial and after come up with your final decision. You can also check out our demo.

6Is Skadate software SEO-friendly?
The software is very SEO-friendly. There are a lot of valuable tools in the software that allows you to optimize your site for search engines quickly. For example, automatic sitemap generation, the ability to easily insert meta tags, headers, and tracking codes right via the Admin Panel.

SkaDate Mobile Solutions

1Do you help to submit apps to App Stores?
Yes, corect! This service is included in the SkaDate Software License.
2Do you guarantee my apps will be accepted by the App Stores?
Unfortunately, not a single vendor can guarantee you that. This is due to the fact that Apple and Google are constantly tightening their regulations towards the original content in their stores. If Apple or Google decide that your app is not unique or original enough, or they have too many similar themed apps in their stores, they will reject your app.
3What happens if my app is rejected by either or both of the App Stores?
Fortunately for you, our apps fully utilize the Progressive Web App technology. This means you do not have to rely on app stores at all, instead directly delivering the mobile experience to your visitors. If you still want to continue distributing your apps through the app stores, we will do our best to appeal the decision until your apps are accepted or we receive a definite unappealable rejection. The only way further will be to introduce significant changes to the app code and design at additional costs.


1Which Payment Gateways does SkaDate support?
By default, our desktop website works with Paypal, Stripe, and CCbill (both accept payments from major credit/debit cards) payment gateways. The Progressive Web App (PWA) works with Stripe and PayPal. Our native mobile apps have integrated in-app purchases.
2How can I monetize my dating website on SkaDate?

There are a lot of options for monetizing your dating business. SkaDate provides a couple of monetization features like a paid membership, a user credit system, virtual gifting, and ad banner placement.

  1. Membership Subscriptions: SkaDate allows you to create different membership levels with varying access to features and services. Users can subscribe to these memberships, and you can charge them regularly (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.).
  2. Paid Access to Features: You can restrict certain features or functionalities on your dating platform to premium members only. Users who want access to these premium features will need to pay for them.
  3. Virtual Currency: SkaDate might have a virtual currency system that allows users to purchase virtual credits or coins. These credits can be used to unlock additional features or send virtual gifts to other users.
  4. Advertising: SkaDate might offer advertising options that allow you to display ads on your dating platform. You can charge advertisers for ad space and target ads based on user demographics.

We've prepared a detailed guide on how to monetize your dating app or website.

3How does the Skadate matchmaking algorithm work?

Matchmaking is based on two main profile questions: gender and age. Example: you are logged in as a female user. In your profile, you have specified that you are looking for a male.

When you visit “My Matches” page, the system will:

  • Check whom you are looking for. In our case, you are looking for males > system will find all male users.
  • Check whom those found male users are looking for.

If a male user is looking for males - this will be excluded from the matchmaking process since you are a female user and you don't match their "looking for" value. If a male user is looking for males - this user will be included in the further filtering process.

At this point, the system found all male users looking for females. Then, the system checks whether those male users match you and you match them by age. As a result, the system pulls the list of only relevant male users. That is the user list you see when you click “My Matches”.

If you see the “100%,” - those users match you 100%.

Users can also set up their own matchmaking preferences and the value they want to add to one or another answer in the profile questionnaire. For example, users can set preferences to match more often with people whose eye color is blue by setting more value to the “blue eyes” answer. In this case, they will have less percentage compatibility with a person who has “green” eyes.

4What is a Membership system, and how does it work?
You will be able to create different Memberships. For example, 1 month - $50; 2 months - $80; 6 months - $299 and etc., and assign the site services to this or that Membership. For example, you can have a Premium Membership with access to the site services. And if a free member wants to use chat, search, view profiles, photos and etc., he will be asked to upgrade to one of the Paid Memberships.
5What is the User Credit system, and how does it work?
We also have a Credit System. You will be able to create different credit plans: 100 credits for $80; 150 credits - for $120 and etc. And set fees for each site service: send messages - 25 credits; read messages - 20 credits; chat - 50 credits; search - 20 credits; and so on. A member buys a Credit plan he likes and spends the credits on your site services. Many businesses with us found out that subscriptions don’t work that well at the start and switch to credits before they grow big enough.
6What security features does Skadate provide?


  • You will have SSL enabled on your server account; thus, all the requests are encrypted;
  • We are using built-in cPanel security features.


  • CSRF token - prevents unauthorized commands transmitted through the website forms;
  • Antibot system implemented on the Join form - prevents the profile creation by background scripts. This will prevent the registration of fake profiles;
  • The forms and fields validators - every uploading file goes through a thorough extension and file type check-up. This does not allow to upload of dangerous scripts/files to the server;
  • SQL injection - to be protected from such injections, we use PDO. That is a reliable way to protect a script from SQL injections;
  • XSS - developing the software, we pay much attention to the way all the incoming data is processed ($_GET, $_POST). Also, we use a user content output handler, making it easier to control the outgoing content;
  • Hash’&’Salt user passwords. User password encryption has been a long-awaited security enhancement, which we have given a high-priority status for this update. Now your users’ passwords will be stored in the database as encrypted symbols, making it impossible for hackers to use this data for malicious purposes;
  • Upload of the potentially dangerous files - every uploading file goes through a thorough extension and file type check-up. This does not allow to upload of dangerous scripts/files to the server.


  • A “Block Profile” system. If a member is annoyed by another member, he can easily block him;
  •  IP block feature for Admin. A Site Administrator will have the possibility to block a member IP right via Admin Panel; 
  • Report system. Members can send reports on suspicious photos, videos, profiles, and even the comments left. All the reports will come to Admin Approval.

Fake User Console

1Do I need an extensive fake user database to use Fake User Chat?
No, you don't. A couple of controlled profiles that you and your team could be able to manage is enough to benefit from Fake User Chat.
2Are the chats happening in the Console display on the website as well?
Yes, the chats in the console are synchronized with the chats on the website.
3Why using fake profiles from time to time is important?
If you are worried about the moral implications of using SkaDate's new toy, consider this. The "Fake It Till You Make It" online business approach is there for a reason. To survive and succeed in this field, you've got to show even your first real visitor that your site is already bustling with life and users are just waiting to engage in chit-chat. The question was always how to achieve this quickly and affordably. And now we have the answer.
4How can I get a demo and what are the conditions?
After you fill in the form, we'll contact you back for more website details. Once we clarify all the technical nuances, we'll install the console on your server and connect it to your website. If you are unsure if it fits you, you can select a time for a short demo call for a live demonstration and consultation. You can use a free demo for two weeks. After the test period, if you want to continue using it, you can either subscribe to a monthly usage plan or make a one-time payment. If you wish to terminate the demo during or after the free usage, it will be reinstalled until you change your mind. Request a demo for more information about the conditions and prices.
5 Is the Fake User Console a cloud service, or should it be downloaded and installed on the server?
Fake User Console has a monthly subscription with a specified set of functionality for all customers. However, you can buy out a source code if you want to customize or add features for yourself. Again, you can also hire us to do this for you. For the price and other questions, please, contact us via live chat or a form.

Packages & Pricing

1How much is it cost to start a dating site on SkaDate?
The cost of starting a dating site on SkaDate can vary based on the solutions you need for your projects and additional services like support, hosting, and customization you may require.
2Are there any ongoing fees with SkaDate?
After the initial SkaDate solution purchase, you may only pay for optional services that you choose. Oh, and there are absolutely no hidden fees.
3Do you have a refund policy?
SkaDate’s policies exclude refunds because a piece of software is an intangible product. Upon purchase, a client receives full access to the script’s source code, making it impossible to return the software to the vendor. However, if any system bugs and/or errors are discovered in the base SkaDate dating script after the purchase, SkaDate guarantees to fix them for free promptly, regardless of the customer’s support service status. Using Demo, potential customers can test the SkaDate dating software performance and features of both the Administration area and User interface before deciding on the final purchase.

Customizations & Custom Projects

1How much do you charge for customizations?

Again, the prices vary depending on the complexity of the required customization. Here is what we can do:

  • Full-scale long-term custom development project by Agile/Scrum principles (e.g., a dating/matchmaking site or app from scratch).
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Minor Code Modifications
  • Custom Design
The prices are the following:

Fixed-sized Projects (minor to mid-level custom changes)

  • Mid-level Developer Work - $70 per hour
  • Design/Markup Work - $60 per hour

Full-scale long-term project development

  • Development Team for Hire (Project Manager, Senior Developer, Design/Markup Specialist, QA Specialist) - $10,000 per month
  • Each additional senior developer to speed up project progress - $8,000 per month
2How do I go about evaluating my custom project with you?

Just contact us with the description of your project in whatever form you have it. We will ask follow-up questions to see how your idea can be implemented with SkaDate.

In the end, expect to receive a full quote from us, including a fixed price and timeframe for the implementation.

How Do We Work

1Do I need to hire a developer to launch SkaDate?
Good news! Installation is included in the price of all packages. You don’t have to do it yourself or hire an “IT guy”.
2Can I buy your dating script without installation and other services?
We don't sell just dating software (or dating scripts as some people call it) because, through the years, we discovered this is not what dating startups need. Although we would make more money by also offering an option of just a piece of software, this is not what we believe is good. 35% of our customers are refugees from other companies selling some software to play with. So those who are serious give up playing at some point and come to work with professionals, us.
3How long does it take SkaDate to set up a website/app for me?

It very much depends on your setup. Here are some guiding estimates:

Default website: 24 hours (on business days);

Default apps: 2-4 weeks for Google Play and up to 2-3 months for Apple Store (because of App Store approval times);

For Progressive Web Apps: 1 week if you submit all the requested information.

Custom development: always estimated separately.

All of this is after we obtain the necessary setup information from you. Also, please note that 3rd party hosting can increase the time because of various incompatibilities not easily detected upfront.

Technologies & Programming Languages

1Web development stack (server side and browser)
  • PHP (7.4, 8.1);
  • MySql;
  • JavaScript;
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JQuery;
  • TypeScript;
  • NoSQL(Redis);
2Backend frameworks
  • Oxwall;
  • Slim Framework (mobile application API).
3Mobile app development stack
  • Flutter;
  • Dart;
  • MobX.
4Cloud services
  • AWS;
  • Firebase;
  • Google;
  • Twilio.
WebRTC (real-time video calls).
6Project management tools
  • Slack;
  • Jira;
  • BitBucket;
  • Trello;
  • Toggl;
  • GitHub;
  • GitLab.
  • Nginx;
  • Apache;
  • Docker;
  • Kubernetes;
  • Fastlane;
  • Codemagic.
8Development tools
  • etBrains IDEs (PhpStorm, AndroidStudio);
  • Visual Studio Code;
  • Xcode.
9Payment systems
  • PayPal;
  • Stripe;
  • CCBill.
SkaDate dating script is guaranteed to work with the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome latest version, Mozilla Firefox latest version, Safari latest version.


1Why don't you offer free support?

Consider a situation: You have some sort of technical problem with your hosting and it really affects your business and you ask us to resolve it ASAP. A team of trained professionals will jump on the problem, figure out your specifics, find out the problem, and provide the solution in a timely manner. The question is, will they work for free?

We've been in the business since 2004 and have seen competitors come and go. All of them tried to offer free support in a desperate bid to make any sales. In fact, when you see a "free support" promise, this is a big red flag --  a clear attempt to make a sale without regard to tomorrow. These competitors will tell you a lot about what doesn't work in the field of supporting dating businesses.