Customer Support

24 hour response time, Monday to Friday

Managed Support Service

  • When you purchase a Complete license package, you receive 3 months of Managed Support Service for free ($297 value).
  • When you purchase a Premium license package, you receive 6 months of Managed Support Service for free ($594 value).
  • Active Managed Support Service allows you to install free plugins and purchase plugins from the store area
  • Active Managed Support Service entitles you to free software updates of the SkaDate engine (if there were no custom modifications introduced to the platform).

Managed support service pricing:

  • 1-month managed support service - $99. Billed monthly.
  • 6-month managed support service - $549 (save 7% vs. monthly billing). Billed semi-annually.
  • 12-month managed support service - $999 (save 15% vs. monthly billing). Billed annually.

24 hour response time, Monday to Friday

Of course, you WILL have questions. We are happy to help you get the most from SkaDate product, so you will get familiar with your new setup in no time!

  • SkaDate support service is assigned per purchased license, and is free for the first month after the license purchase, with an (optional) additional fee of $99 for every following month of requested support.
  • Paid support guarantees individual approach, quick response time, and greatly simplifies the process of understanding website management without the burden of going through software documentation.
  • The service is provided through a ticketing system, with a guaranteed 24-hour response time, Monday through Friday.
    Additional support options may be available on request.
  • Installation. Upon the purchase of the software, we’ll be glad to assist you with proper installation.
  • Manuals. We are constantly improving our extensive documentation base to cover all the aspects of running SkaDate dating software, including installation, updates, management, and configuration.
  • Tutorials. To assist you with everyday operation of SkaDate Dating Software, we’ll be regularly adding new tutorials with the most important Admin Panel configuration tips.
  • Bug fixes. If you find any system bugs in SkaDate dating software we guarantee fixing them for free in a timely manner. Note that third-party plugins are provided as is, and fixing them requires contacting specific plugin developers.

Managed Support Service includes:

  • Ticket system. Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM (GMT +6). 24 hour response time guaranteed.
  • Admin panel settings consulting. A step-by-step explanation of the configuration process for the Admin panel by qualified SkaDate support operators.
  • Language upload. Per your request, the SkaDate support team will upload any or all of the available languages to your website.
  • File upload. Replacing default template logos and other graphics with files provided by the customer. Uploading required plugins, themes, and languages to the site per customer request.

* while providing us with custom logo and other images, make sure their format and dimensions match the requirements of specific templates

* our support team can upload the default logo to all of the templates available with SkaDate

  • Restore to default. If you happen to break a part of SkaDate dating script code, we will restore it to its default state.
  • Software updates. Providing software, plugins, and templates updates. Updates to environments with custom modifications is subject to additional charges and is not covered by the Managed Support Service plan.
  • Software reinstallation. SkaDate support team will upload the new software to the server as per customer request.
  • Troubleshooting. SkaDate support operators will look into any reported issues with software operation, and provide assistance resolving them.
  • Basic customization directions. SkaDate support operators will provide guidelines for basic software functionality, as well as examples of basic CSS changes.

Hourly-based support

Managed Support Service does not include CSS/HTML/PHP code modifications. If you need assistance with CSS/HTML/PHP code modifications, please contact your customer service support specialist who will provide you with the quote for needed modifications.

  • Edit CSS/HTML – Our support operators will not be able to edit the CSS/HTML markup, as that is a custom code modification. However, SkaDate support operators might be able to assist you by providing advice/guideline for some basic code customization.
  • Edit code – SkaDate support team does not perform PHP code modifications within the ticket support fee. However, SkaDate support operators might be able to assist you by providing advice/guideline for some basic code customization.
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