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Why to Choose SkaDate Hosting?

We offer quality hosting on US Amazon cloud servers. Our plans are optimized for SkaDate and have everything you need to get up and gain speed with your dating website. It’s so easy and only makes perfect sense to rely on us with everything SkaDate-related.

Worldwide customers: Although our Amazon datacenter may not be closer to you than your local hosting of choice, it will probably perform better. It’s less about location and more about infrastructure. Amazon is the undisputed leader in cloud hosting worldwide.

Parameters and comfortable usage numbers:

  • Total users in database: up to 100,000
  • Seamless domain name purchase
  • Free Basic SSL
  • SSD technology and consistent I/O performance
  • Balance of compute, memory, and network resources
  • Processors in use: 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon® E5-2676 v3 (Haswell)

Note that stable operation of Video Chat options for SkaDate desktop/mobile platforms requires Stun/Turn servers. Said servers are provided along the in-house SkaDate hosting in its base configuration.

When your business grows and you want to move on, we can offer you a dedicated custom cloud instance starting from $100/month.

Consider hosting SkaDate on your own?

Why Choosing the Right Hosting is Important

Think about it — your website or app will be a popular hub for thousands of people mingling together. To make sure everything works as it should, and you have a speedy support in case something does go wrong, you need a reliable solution. Choose carefully and prefer those who have experience with SkaDate.

Consider hosting elsewhere? Make sure your hosting meets SkaDate server requirements. 90% of problems with SkaDate are caused by incompatible hosting.

We can host your emails too!


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