Custom Software Development

We do custom code modifications, design work, and business application development from scratch.

Our in-house dev and design teams are ready to handle web and mobile custom projects of any scope and complexity.

We specialize in making customer websites and mobile apps unique. This is done by developing new features from scratch or introducing changes to already existing project elements to suit your vision better.

What We Do

  • Full-scale Long-term Software Development in Accordance with Agile/Scrum Principles
    Our Project Manager will lead a specifically assigned team of senior developers, designers, markup specialists, and QA testers working on your project. It is developed in stages/iterations, with daily/weekly progress reporting and adjusting as necessary. Project assessment, statement of work drafting, legal paperwork handling, etc., included.

  • Custom Feature Development
    We can add any new feature to the base SkaDate platform (web or mobile). Discuss your idea with our Mod Department and get a few options – choose the best one in accordance with your budget and available time frames.

  • Minor Code Modifications

    SkaDate mod department can assign mid-level developers with affordable hourly rates to make changes to the base platform functions and features. The quote is free and the work is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Depending on your needs and available budget, you can hire an entire development team, a single developer, or just order a custom modification to bring your vision to life.

    Our costs are based on an hour-billing-rates T&M model, but we are flexible with the invoice scheduling. Depending on the project, the options include paying monthly, bi-monthly, per project delivery, or in-advance for minor work requiring urgent scheduling.

Benefits of Working with SkaDate Team


We have created SkaDate, there’s no better team to adapt it to your unique needs.


Since we know the product best, we’ll be able to make technical decisions that ensure future update compatibility (where possible) and robustness. This is vital for the long-term viability of your business.


Our product knowledge puts us in the best position to find easiest ways to implement your ideas. It allows for minimal code changes and freeing up development resources quicker. Win-win!


We use the same process for custom development as for the main product itself — project management, technical specification, development, automated testing, human testing, deploy to your system.


Custom Software Development

Fixed-sized Projects (minor to mid-level custom changes)

  • Mid-level Developer Work – $70 per hour
  • – Design/Markup Work – $60 per hour
Custom Software Development

Full-scale Long-term Project Development

  • – Development Team for Hire (Project Manager, Senior Developer, Design/Markup Specialist, QA Specialist) – $11,000 per month
  • – Each additional senior developer to speed up project progress – $8,000 per month

Technologies We Use 

Work Examples

Here are some examples of custom SkaDate plugins and code modifications made by our team for customers:

-Custom Needs?

Discuss them with us! Get a free quote on your custom project implementation.