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What is SkaDate?

SkaDate is not just dating software. With over two decades of experience, our team has been consistently delivering complex solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Similar to how WordPress was originally developed as a content management system for blogs, SkaDate was purposefully crafted as a dedicated dating script for matching people and providing a safe place for social networking.

With an extensive range of features, you have nearly limitless possibilities for starting a unique dating site.

Moreover, we are not just selling a piece of code. SkaDate is more than a comprehensive dating script; we offer an all-in-one package with multi-device solutions and a wide range of services tailored to your needs.

  • # 1 Dating Software Platform
  • Suitable for all types of dating
    and matchmaking projects
  • Dating site themes for all niches
  • Free Installation
  • Android and iOS dating apps
    with store submission included
  • Free initial period of hosting and support

SkaDate Solutions

Web Platform

SkaDate allows you to build a fully functioning dating website without coding. Moreover, we can offer hosting services to support your business at the start.

Native Mobile App

Native Mobile App for Android and iOs is built using Flutter. Apart from development, we also provide assistance with the submission process to both app stores.

Progressive Web App

PWA or Progressive Web App. It's a webpage with all the features of a usual app, that you don’t need to distribute in Google and App Stores. A perfect solution if your app has adult content.

Simulated Chat Management

A standalone platform that allows you and admins to message from fake accounts, send automated messages and even connect ChatGPT to reply in case no one is online.

Freshly Designed Dating Theme

We understand that looks are everything when it comes to online dating. That's why we complemented our dating script with “Midnight”—a new, modern, and sexy-looking site theme that is not only visually pleasing for the eye but also ensures intuitive and easy navigation.

We understand that looks are everything when it comes to online dating. That's why we complemented our dating script with “Aurora”—a new, modern, and sexy-looking site theme that is not only visually pleasing for the eye but also ensures intuitive and easy navigation.

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User features

Design registration questions

You can choose which questions will be included in the registration questionnaire. You can adjust this list according to gender and show men one set of questions and another for women.

Real-time notifications and messages

With real-time notifications, users can be instantly alerted to new matches, messages, and other updates.

User Matches

Users are matched automatically based on their profile information and receive email notifications about new potential matches.

Who viewed my profile

Allow people to see their profile visitors and thus motivate them to visit your website more often by constantly checking who is interested in them.

Monetization features

Paid Membership

Create different membership packages with varying benefits, privileges, and limitations, such as advanced search, unlimited messaging, and content access. Tailoring each package with unique advantages entices subscribers to upgrade.

Credits for advanced features

Create a credit system that allows purchasing credits to access limited features. With the SkaDate dating script, you can set the values and costs of these features and reward users with credits for certain actions.

Virtual Gifts

Allow users to send paid virtual gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and other symbols of love and appreciation, in a virtual space. You can set up and manage prices effortlessly. 

Ad Banner Placement

You can place and manage ad banners on your website. It can be either simple banners or third-party scripts like Google AdSense. If needed, it's possible to show the banner only for a certain country(s).

Don't skip for "some other time." Start the journey to your dating business today!

Why SkaDate?


Expand the capabilities of your dating site using our plugins.
Stripe Billing

Stripe Billing



Enhance your dating website with the Stripe Billing Plugin. This essential tool enables quick and easy integration of Stripe's payment services.
CCBill Billing FLex

CCBill Billing FLex



Integrate CCBill payment services, specializing in high-risk industries - a robust solution for online payments, supporting international transactions and recurring billing.
PayPal Billing

PayPal Billing



Unlock global payments with PayPal Billing, making it effortless to connect with users worldwide. This plugin simplifies setting up PayPal on your site, allowing you to quickly accept diverse payment methods.
Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts



Allows users to express their feelings and appreciation by sending virtual gifts.
User Credits

User Credits



The User Credits Plugin allows site owners to create custom credit packages for purchase, incentivize active participation, and implement a credit-based economy for premium features.


Security and Verification


This tool allows administrators to review and approve all user-generated content, such as profiles, photos or comments, ensuring compliance with site standards and enhancing user safety.
SMS Verification

SMS Verification

Security and Verification


SMS-verification plugin for site entrance. The plugin can work concurrently with the traditional Email-verification, or replace it entirely if needed.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics



Integrates Google Analytics tracking into your Skadate site, enabling you to track and analyze visitor statistics with ease.




This playful functionality allows members to send winks to each other, adding a new and exciting level of interaction.

SkaDate Reviews

Based on our client's own words, SkaDate proved to be the most advanced and easily customizable solution on the market. Some clients ask to migrate to our platform from other, cheaper dating scripts.

  • Mallorca Dating
    We have choosen SKADATE for this – our second dating site because we know its the best and most professional on the market. We tried other types of software – but the quality was just not good enough. And support SO bad. SKADATE really fulfil and exceed all our needs and expectations. And the support is world class. SKADATE will be the core of our new strategy with many more dating sites.
    Mallorca Dating
  • Amber Brooks
    SkaDate specializes in top-notch dating software and mobile dating app scripts. ... Whatever your vision is, this company can supply the proper tools to get it done.
    Amber Brooks
  • Chris Pike
    The challenges of establishing an online dating business presence remain complex, as it requires time, familiarity with design and coding, and access to the right tools and resources to get a dating website up and running. Our Integration Partnerships with SkaDate ... bring sets of powerful features and services to CCBill Merchants, helping them run successful online dating business.
    Chris Pike
    Channel Manager, CCBill
  • Jan De Volder, Gratis Dating
    The SkaDate dating script offers great value. It was easy to translate and customize it for my local market (Belgium/Netherlands).
  • David, Bioflirt
    SkaDate has allowed us to transform an “old fashion style” site to an efficient dating site that meets the requirements of our members with a lot of flexibility.
  • Lawrence, Brainiac Dating
    SkaDate created a great website that saved me a lot of effort as if I built a site by myself from scratch. Now there are over 13,000 members in just over one year! SkaDate support was helpful to get my site up and running. SkaDate’s PHP code and database are efficiently designed so that with only some basic knowledge of PHP you can easily modify it yourself, or if necessary it is relatively inexpensive to outsource small enhancements.
    Lawrence, Brainiac Dating
  • David, Miles Apart Dating
    SkaDate have provided great software which has made all of our accomplishments possible so far with ease. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
  • Romance Latina
    The flexibility of SKADATE software allowed us to develop this first of a kind Mobile dating site for Latin America. SKA helped us with many technical issues!
    Romance Latina
  • Amor Confiável
    First of all, I would like to thank SkaDate for allowing me to accomplish my project. It is a great platform with all features at a very good price. I recommend it! AMOR CONFIÁVEL, which means Reliable Love, is a free international dating site, available in English and in Portuguese, that runs criminal background check and wanted by Interpol.
    Amor Confiável
  • Black Diamond Dating
    We did a lot of research and tried a few other type of dating software before we found SKADATE. SKADATE is the best and most flexible you can get for your dating site – and it looks so professional all the way through. And one other important thing is the SUPER support. Always helpful and friendly.
    Black Diamond Dating

Custom Project

No need to hire a freelancer. Our team can create a completely unique website or app from scratch

Your idea, our development

Full-scale long-term custom development

Free choice to use SkaDate as your base dating script and platform, or start from sсratch

The development team for hire (Project Manager, Senior Software Developer, Designer, QA Specialist)

Best for launching projects with technology budgets of over $13,000+


Technologies We Use 


Examples of Dating Websites on SkaDate

Examples of Dating Apps on SkaDate


1What is SkaDate?
SkaDate is a dating script based on Oxwall - an open-source mobile-friendly social platform that is a product of the development company Skalfa LLC. As a developer, we are not only selling the piece of code but also help you to start a full-fledged dating business.
2Can I switch between packages?
Yes, you can upgrade to any higher package in case you find that you need more for your business to grow. We'll be happy to upgrade you for the mere price difference between any two packages. No hidden catch.
3Can I just buy a dating script?
We don't sell just dating software (or dating scripts as some people call it) because through the years we discovered this is not what dating startups need. Although we would make more money by also offering an option of just a piece of software, this is not what we believe is good. 35% of our customers are refugees from other companies selling some software to play with. So those who are serious give up playing at some point and come to work with professionals, us.
4How long does it take SkaDate to set up a website/app for me?
The time required depends on your specific setup. Here are some guiding estimates: - Default website: 24 hours (on business days); - Default apps: 2-4 weeks for Google Play and up to 2-3 months for Apple Store (because of App Store approval times); - For Progressive Web Apps: 1 week, provided you have submitted all the requested information. - Custom development: always estimated separately. All these timelines start after we obtain the necessary setup information from you. Also, please note that 3rd party hosting can increase the time due to potential incompatibilities not easily detected upfront.
5Are there any ongoing fees with SkaDate?
After the initial SkaDate solution purchase, you may only pay for optional services that you choose. Oh, and there are absolutely no hidden fees.
6Do you guarantee my apps will be accepted by the App Stores?
Unfortunately, not a single vendor can guarantee you that. This is due to the fact that Apple and Google are constantly tightening their regulations towards the original content in their stores. If Apple or Google decide that your app is not unique or original enough, or they have too many similar themed apps in their stores, they will reject your app.
7What happens if my app is rejected by either or both of the App Stores?
Fortunately for you, our apps fully utilize the Progressive Web App technology. This means you do not have to rely on app stores at all, instead directly delivering the mobile experience to your visitors. If you still want to continue with distributing your apps through the app stores, we will do our best to appeal the decision until your apps are accepted, or we receive a definite unappealable rejection. The only way further will be to introduce significant changes to the app code and design at additional costs.
8Is support included?
We offer 1 month of support included for Basic and Complete Packages. Premium Package customers enjoy 1 year of included support. 1 month is more than enough to set everything up but if you need more support from us, it's available for just $99/month.
9What kind of support do you offer?
We offer a standard 24-hour email support response guarantee (excluding weekends), although a typical response often takes just a couple of hours during work hours. Our standard support hours are 9 AM to 5 PM GMT+6 (8 PM to 4 AM PST), Monday through Friday.
10Why don't you offer free support?
Consider a scenario: You have some sort of technical problem with your hosting that significantly affects your business and you urgently request our assistance to resolve it. We have a team of trained professionals ready to assess your specific situation, identify the problem, and deliver a solution in a timely manner. The question is, will they work for free? Having been in the business since 2004, we have seen many competitors come and go, all attempting to offer free support in a desperate bid to boost sales. In fact, when you see a "free support" promise, this is a big red flag—a clear sign of prioritizing sales over sustainable service.
11What programming language is SkaDate written in?
The latest SkaDate version was updated to PHP 8 , which is deservedly the most popular and easy-to-understand programming language for web development.
MySQL 5 is used as data storage, while jQuery framework (the most popular JavaScript library today) and Smarty template engine are employed to simplify the process of design customization.


Get in touch with us regarding your business project. We’ll be happy to find out your needs recommend the best solution. We ask for your contact info to properly respond to your inquiry. This info is not stored and/or used for commercial purposes or shared with any third parties.