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SkaDate Android Dating App

Key feature: SpeedMatch

SkaDate Android Dating App SpeedMatch

What is the latest trend that finally moved online dating into the realm of mainstream? Undeniably it’s the advanced Hot-or-Not dynamic introduced by Tinder and other similar apps.

Now your members can enjoy this feature too, while you can develop a full-fledged mobile dating business, at a fraction of associated costs.


Get your users matched-up with SkaDate’s SpeedMatch now!

Other Features

The brand new and ultra slick SkaDate Android Application was developed specifically for Android devices, and features most of the essential features present in the desktop and iOS versions to boost your competitiveness on the mobile dating market:

SpeedMatch (Tinder Clone)

User Photos

User Search


Geo-Targeted Dating

Hot List

AdMob Mobile Advertising

Billing/In-App Purchases

Flurry App Activity Analytics

Memberships and Credits

Real-time Notifications

Content Flagging

Push Notifications

Facebook Connect

Profile Bookmarks

Match List

Guest List

Email Verification

Meet the new Mobile Dating Application for Android from SkaDate!

SkaDate Android App is an excellent tool for improved user interaction and online dating business monetization. SkaDate Android App was developed in-house by the same team behind the hugely successful SkaDate iOS Application. As such, it boast the same stability, quality and polish as the version for Apple products.

According to many dating industry pundits, mobile dating has a real chance to overtake traditional online matchmaking formula by the end of this year. Now is the perfect time to catch up to the latest trend and invest into mobile market, striking while the iron is hot.

To try the SkaDate Android Mobile App Demo, download the app from the Google Play, install it on your smartphone, enter the demo site URL:, and demo user details (login: demo;  password: demo).

SkaDate Android App on Google Play

Start your mobile dating business today!

SkaDate Android App Store Submit Service



  1. Branding change – we will replace the default application name and icon to the ones used on your website, and also remove Site URL field for all visitors during the sign-in.
  2. Enabling Monetization – we will enable In-app purchases, Flurry user analytics, and AdMob App Advertising (by request).
  3. Application approval process – we will resubmit the SkaDate Android Application under your name to the Google Play for approval.


Click here to learn more about SkaDate Android Store Submit Service, and for the the in-depth look at how to best run your SkaDate App at various business stages.



  • SkaDate Android Application was tested to work with the unmodified latest versions of SkaDate dating software.
  • If your SkaDate site has been modified (custom modification involving DB changes), some of the app features may function incorrectly or may not be available. Contact SkaDate support to request the necessary changes and integration at additional fees.
  • SkaDate Android Application requires continuous, strong internet connection to interact with the SkaDate server in order to retrieve and display the details required.
  • Modification to rebrand or further customize SkaDate Android Application can be performed by SkaDate for an additional fee. Please see the plans above.
  • Running rebranded or further customized applications require opening accounts and re-submitting apps to corresponding vendors (Apple Store, Android’s Google Play) at possible additional charges.
  • Note that Google have several strict regulations concerning applications submitted to Google Play Market. During the review process Google can reject applications linked to sites with explicit adult content or IP infringements.