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SkaDate Dating Software

  • 100% unencrypted source code

  • Lifetime software updates

  • Free customer support forum

  • Full-featured package at a one-time fee

  • Free software installation

  • Free SkaDate branding removal

  • Video tutorials and manuals

  • Free social networking and dating templates

As the dating industry continues to grow and multiplies in complexity you cannot afford to spend money on cheap dating scripts and free dating software with poor quality.

SkaDate is the latest and most complete solution from Skalfa LLC, the market leader among dating software producers. Boasting innovative development approach, up-to-date features, mobile applications and templates for dating or social networking businesses, SkaDate is the first choice of seasoned online dating site owners and startupers alike.

By purchasing SkaDate, you get access to unencrypted source code, as well as free dating and social network templates.

This allows you to modify not only the source code itself but also the very design of your dating website. This means that you become the sole owner of the site, with absolute and total control of how it looks, operates, and makes money.

Out of the box, SkaDate comes with all essential dating features and monetization tools. On top of that, the open source platform utilized by the solution allows easy plug-and-play installation of hundreds of additional features – something other dating software vendors do not have, or repackage as expensive standalone dating modules. With Skadate dating script you have all the necessary and up-to-date dating and community features at your fingertips immediately.


Our professional technical team performs all kinds of custom works. As the original team behind SkaDate dating software, Skalfa remains the best place to perform guaranteed high-quality customization works. Nevertheless, all clients always have the choice of requesting modifications from official SkaDate partners, or from hundreds of freelance developers working on the open source platform behind SkaDate dating software.


Free lifetime version updates

All software updates and fixes are free. The updates usually contain new up-to-date features, fixes, or enhanced versions of already existing tools. The update process is hassle-free and is done through a user-friendly system, mostly automatically. Nevertheless, we are always glad to provide assistance to owners of heavily-customized sites for a nominal extra fee.

Free lifetime version upgrades

As our customer you are entitled to upgrades (receiving newest versions of SkaDate dating and community software) for free. We typically issue new major releases about once a year. New versions include, by popular demand, new features that insure your site is up-to-date and can effectively compete in the dating marketplace. As with updates, the process is intuitive, but we are always available in case some assistance is required.


SkaDate was developed and is supported by a team of skilled PHP web developers. Our unencrypted source code is quite flexible, consisting of extendable system of components. That is why the solution is easy to modify and allows on-the-go addition of new features. There is no need to modify the code to create new dating templates or modify existing ones, since SkaDate dating software is all set to go right after the purchase.