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SkaDate Progressive Web Apps 2.0 Are Here

We are happy to report that the release of much-anticipated SkaDate Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 2.0 is here! SkaDate PWA is the best mobile solution for business on the market, boasting an impressive list of features, including monetization, Tinder-cards, advanced profiles, search and matching functions, and many more. In addition, PWA technology makes the mobile apps indistinguishable from native apps in look and feel, while bypassing Apple and Google stores entirely. This means no revenue share, rejection risks, lengthy submit chores, etc.

What’s new?

The biggest addition in the new version of SkaDate mobile apps is a built-in Video Chat. This feature was most requested by our customers since the official release of the first PWA version back in August. To make this happen, we’ve tasked our development team to combine the latest advancements in both, PWA and WebRTC technologies.

We have also integrated Right-to-Left support, reworked the ever-popular Tinder-cards, as well as significantly improved app performance by implementing Unit Tests and completely refactoring CSS code. There’s a ton of other minor tweaks under the hood of the apps, making them even more appealing for end-users while still keeping customization and maintenance costs down for business owners.

Why PWA?

SkaDate PWA 2.0 is the result of the natural progression in consumer mobile dating app development we headlined since 2012. By 2017 we pioneered hybrid apps, switching focus from native-only mobile app development due to changing market demands. This appeared to be a very timely decision that led to a full-scale work on Progressive Web Applications.

Starting 2018 Apple, and later Google began rejecting new submissions of apps they deemed not original enough and too similar to other apps already in their stores. Needless to say, most dating apps employ the same base formula, differing only in presentation and niche. This was not enough for the tech giants, and it became increasingly difficult to get through their rigorous screening processes without adding up the costs for additional app customization.

Luckily, Progressive Web App technology allowed us to solve this issue once and for all. PWAs require no store submit at all while retaining all the benefits of native and hybrid apps, including monetization options, as well as look and feel. In short, PWA is an affordable, flexible and user-friendly way to maintain mobile component for an online dating business. With the release of SkaDate PWA 2.0, we’ve made another step forward and can confidently say SkaDate mobile apps are the best of its kind on the market.