SkaDate demo comes in 2 versions:

Basic (stripped off of all secondary features);

 Extended (with additional valuable native and 3rd party plugins).

User Interfaces (Basic Demo)

User demo

User login: demo
Password: demo

Admin Panel (Basic Demo)

Admin demo

User login: admin
Password: demo

This is the Basic SkaDate Demo, in its simplest, “nothing but monetization” form. You can extend it with dozens of native and third-party features.

User Interfaces (Extended Demo)


User login: demo
Password: demo

Admin Panel (Extended Demo)


User login: admin
Password: demo

In the Extended SkaDate Demo the basic SkaDate platform is supplemented with a number of third-party plugins. These additional features can substantially change the look and feel of a SkaDate site, allowing to shape it up as a traditional online dating site, social network, or a hybrid of the two. More feature plugins are available through Oxwall Store*.

*All third-party plugins are provided as is and as such are maintained and supported at complete responsibility of their developers.

By default the Extended Demo includes the following third-party plugins from Oxwall Store:

Music Extreme, Friends, Newsfeed, Forum, Events, Blogs, Tiny Chat, Contact Importer, Groups, Questions/Polls, Image Slideshow, Games, Affiliates, Smilies, Badwords, Video, Contact Us, Payment Providers.

iOS App Demo

To try the SkaDate Mobile App Demo, download the app from the App Store, install it to your iPhone, enter the demo site URL:, and demo user details (login: demo;  password: demo).

Download on the from App Store

Android App Demo

To try the SkaDate Android Mobile App Demo, download the app from the Google Play, install it on your smartphone, enter the demo site URL:, and demo user details (login: demo;  password: demo).

SkaDate Android App on Google Play

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