SkaDate is a unique dating software product. Out of the box it includes essential features useful for instant engagement of users and website monetization. At the same time SkaDate is the easiest software to expand with a myriad of native and third-party plugins.

Main features

Dating search

User Search, Proximity Search

Search for users: quick and extended mode. Proximity search, e.g.50 miles from Los Angeles.

Results in photo gallery, profile details, map view.



Matching users using profile info and sending new matches by email. One of the most targeted and effective monetization techniques for online dating sites.

Cover Gallery

Profile Cover Gallery

Beautiful profile photo album display, a-la Instagram. Make people care about their profile look to improve the attractiveness of your online dating profiles.

Pinterest for dating

Advanced photo view/upload

Beautiful Pinterest-style album view, instant browsing, full-size slide-show – everything to minimize the page load time and let your users enjoy more photos during one seat. You do care about conversions, right?

Customizable profile

Drag’n’drop profile builder

Remember the times when making profiles look great was hard? We don’t either. With SkaDate it’s always been a piece of cake.

Private Messages

Private Messages

Let paid subscribers easily communicate on your site. A person who received a message is more likely to subscribe to read it.

Dating site real-time notifications

Real-time notifications

A message, a wink, a virtual gift – if something happens, SkaDate will let them know ASAP. Real-time interactivity is priceless and should be harnessed for users to enjoy. So they return for more.

Dating Spam Protection

Automatic SPAM protection

We use sophisticated algorithms to filter out automated spambot registrations. You will not even see those on your website.

Google Maps Dating

Google Maps for Location

Your users can enter arbitrary location data, like town, district, or zip code, and it will be translated into Google Maps data points. Google Maps provides unmatched accuracy and always up-to-date location data.

Dating site SEO

Built-in SEO

Limited marketing budget? SkaDate X will make sure you get as much free traffic as possible from search engines. Capitalize on every incoming link, every registered profile!

Dating site banner advertisement


Easily organize advertisement banner rotation on your website.

Virtual gifts for dating site

Virtual gifts

Send lady a flower, anyone? A proven gamification tactic to maximize subscription or virtual goods revenue.

Credit system for dating site

Credit system

Offer users to buy or earn credits to spend on various site benefits, including Hot list, messaging, virtual gifts, and more. This is one of the most powerful monetization mechanisms on modern dating sites.

Dating site premium access

Membership level management

You can have any variations of premium (paid) membership on your site. Whatever makes sense for your niche and business model.

Payment providers for dating site

Payment providers

Use PayPal or CCBill – two of the most popular Internet payment gateways to accept credit card payments from users. Or use others from third parties.

Facebook connect for dating site

Facebook Connect

Want more signups? Let people use their existing Facebook accounts for login and pull their profile info. A dramatic difference for signup and profile completion rates.

Moderation tools for dating site

Content moderation

Moderators, flagging/reporting content, mandatory user profile approval mode – everything to let you guide your community more efficiently.

Custom dating site template

Template customization

You have a wide choice of templates to choose from, and you can easily customize the one you like. With SkaDate making your site unique is straightforward.

Why take our word? Check for yourself!

Also included in the package

Profile comment wall

Personal preferences



Photo/video/blog rate

Mass mailing

Google Analytics


Who viewed my profile



Hot list

Dependent profile questions

User Privacy

Custom content pages

Multiple languages

Menu & page management


Hash&Salt security

Splash screen management

Contact Us

Finance tracking


Limited features management

User/photo moderation

Site maintenance mode

Admin panel interface for сustomization

Popular third party features*

Here’s just a small sample of hundreds of third party plugins that give you unlimited opportunities to customize and extend your site. Learn more about 3rd party Open Source features.

Site newsfeed (free)
Events (free)
Questions/Polls (free)
Online Games ($20)
Abuse Report ($4.99)
User Photo Verification ($10)
123 Flash Chat (more
Audio/Video Chat (free)
Blogs (free)
SMS Billing (Various)
Affiliate Program ($25)
Shoutbox ($10)
Payment Providers (Various)
123 Web Messenger (more
Forum (free)
Import Contacts (free)
Image Slideshow (free)
Social Media Integration (free)
Smiles ($15)
Music Upload ($5)
Cometchat (more) 
Friends Network (free)
Groups (free)
Video sharing (free)
Badwords filter ($10)
Cloudflare Integration (free)
ArrowChat (more
Instant Video Chat ($59.99)

More plugins are available in the Oxwall Store.

*Third-party plugins are not developed by SkaDate, and are provided as is.

3rd party translations

























SkaDate fully supports English, with additional languages available as free 3rd-party language packs (provided as is at Oxwall).