SkaDate Dating Site Software Features

User Features

  • Mobile Browser Version

    The "light" version of the dating website that boasts all the most popular features of the "full" version, including sending and reading messages, checking profiles in profile lists, and chatting with online members.
  • Google+ Inviter

    Add an extra level of recognizability by invite even more friends to join your site, using the brand new Google+ Inviter.
  • WISIWYG Editor

    The feature turns the creation of Blogs and Custom Pages into a user-friendly and intuitive process with a fully integrated professional WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Completeness Bar

    Give your site users more visual reference when they change their profiles. The components shows how complete the profile is with a percentage value and a graphic gauge.
  • Social Media Integration

    Allow members to share site content via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +).
  • Profile search

    Search by distance, zip codes, cities, countries, usernames, keywords. Ability to narrow down site search to any geographic location. 'Refine Search'. Saved search criteria. Quick and Advanced search forms.
  • Mailbox

    Internal messaging system in a convenient dialogue-like contact center. Improved user interface. Possibility to start new conversations right from the mailbox. Auto-complete suggestions from the friends list for the 'Send to' field.
  • Speed-Dating

    A capturing feature that takes your site to a new level of online dating experience. Lets your members meet new people and make friends in a fun and easy way. Can be used with a regular text chat, and audio/video chat applications.
  • Games

    Single- and multiplayer games for members to play on the site. Online Poker, Dominoes and Pool will make users stick to your site, and recommend it to their friends.
  • Photo upload

    Customizable limit for uploaded photos. Easy preview. Private photo. Password-protected photo. Watermark support. Photo tags.
  • Music upload

    Allows site members to express their mood and personality by uploading, commenting and rating their favorite music tracks in MP3 format.
  • Who viewed my profile

    Shows users who viewed a member's profile, and a number of times his profile page was opened.
  • Matchmaking

    View the list of profiles that meet your match criteria. Receive the matching profiles list (with photo) to your email.
  • Video chat

    Advanced flash chat with webcam support. Available as chuPPo Chat addon and 123FlashChat addon.
  • Virtual Gift Shop

    Makes it fun for users to express their sympathy for other site members by sending graphic presents from a Virtual Gift Shop. Possibility to show/hide the member's virtual gifts on a Profile View page. Features categories for virtual gifts.
  • Shoutbox

    A general chat that can be added to your site index page for non-logged in visitors, or to the MemberHome page for the registered members. It is a great tool for site users to express themselves and attract attention with just a couple of clicks. Comes with a badwords filter. Can be configured to be membership-dependent.
  • Groups

    Allows site members to create and join sub-networks (groups) to share their interests and affiliations. Private and Public groups. Private group forum. Join free or by invitation only. Group image upload.
  • Video Instant Messenger

    Private chat for online members with webcam support. Available as chuPPo Messenger addon and 123 Web Messenger addon.
  • Video sharing

    Popular video sharing feature for community sites. Supports embedding video from _all_ video sharing resources such as YouTube, Metacafe, Myspace, etc...
  • Photo albums

    Lets members sort their photos to albums by certain preferences. Customizable limit for a number of photos per album. Possibility to password-protect albums
  • Events

    Allows members to submit events with photo and description. Calendar/list display modes.
  • Audio/video profile

    Members can record multiple audio/video profiles online via webcam. Available as chuPPo Recorder addon.
  • Ajax chat

    Ajax-based text chat. Supports chat rooms and Instant Messaging.
  • Cometchat

    A Facebook-style chat addon that allows your site members to have private text and audio/video conversations, play multiplayer games, share files and screenshots, exchange hand-written messages and much more.
  • Facebook connect

    Allows your site users to join and then login to your site with their Facebook account details. The system synchronizes the profile data of a member's Facebook account with profile fields of SkaDate-powered website.
  • Forums

    Public message board as a native SkaDate feature.
    Possibility to insert pictures to the forum post body, attach files to forum posts, send private messages from the forum post view page.
  • Profile builder

    AJAX-driven drag'n'drop interface for building a custom profile page. Allows members to add/move/remove profile page components.
  • Facebook friends inviter

    A convenient interface allowing members to invite their Facebook friends to join your site. A great tool for boosting your site popularity.
  • User Points system

    Allows site members to buy or earn user points (credits) and spend them on site services, such as Virtual Gift Shop, sending and reading messages, initiating IM sessions and more.
  • Customizable profile status

    Members can protect their privacy by making their profile either Private or Public.
  • Blogs

    Personal full-featured blog for every member. Summary of latest blog posts.
  • Invite a friend

    Send invitation letters. Customizable email template. Customizable invitations limit. Customizable invitation lifetime.
  • Preferences page

    Members can set their own preferences for using the site.
  • Profile guestbook

    Personal member message board for others to comment.
  • Member reports

    Members can report inappropriate content on your web site.
  • Tags

    A really capturing new age feature. Members can tag their content like photo, video, and blog posts. Search by tag. Popular tags selection.
  • Polls

    Really helpful for gathering public stats. Unlimited polls answers, display and vote control. Custom answer support. Deactivation time control.
  • Classifieds

    Members can post job vacancies and classified ads at your web site. eCommerce option available. Site Administrator can set classified ads either for manual, or for automatic approval.
  • Blocklist

    Possibility to block members to prevent them from sending you messages, gifts, initiating an IM session with you, bookmarking your profile.
  • Referrals system

    Allows members to register for viral site promotion and makes it a snap to track referral statistics in the Admin Panel.
  • Bookmarks

    Possibility to bookmark noteworthy profiles.
  • Photo/video/blog Rate

    Ajax-driven interface for quick and fun content rating.
  • Friends networking

    Friends network displayed on a member's Profile View Page.
  • Music player

    Listen to your favorite music by embedding codes from popular music share resources such as and others.
  • Send profile to a friend

    Send noteworthy profile links to your friends by email.

Site Features

  • Google Maps Integration

    Adds visual representation of all online site visitors on an integrated Google Map. Additionally shows the distance between members during profile view. The feature follows the latest trends emphasizing location-based dating.
  • CloudFlare Integration

    This cloud-based service adds additional spam protection, significantly boosts site load speed, and provides uninterrupted performance even during downtime.
  • Slideshow

    Add more visibility to your site by placing a custom slideshow to the Index Page. Additional flexibility allows selecting any pictures and moving the component to the appropriate page position.
  • Drag-and-Drop

    Rearranging Navigation and Profile Fields menus is made much easier with an intuitive drag-and-drop system that allows rearranging site components in accordance with site owners’ wishes
  • Customizable Splash Screen

    Add a splash screen to your site to greet your members or give them vital information on site entrance.
  • Badwords

    Automatic BadWords Filter moderates abusive language according to the bad words list pre-defined by a site administrator.
  • Google sitemap

    Automatically generates an XML SiteMap of your web site right in the Admin Panel, which helps your site search engine optimization for Google, Yahoo, Ask etc.
  • Distributed contact form

    Email-implicit contact form with possibility to add different emails for different departments, such as support, finance, billing, etc...
  • Smilies

    Centralized customizable set of smilies for all user-generated content: messages, descriptions, forum posts, comments, blogs, etc.
  • Advertisement

    Complete control of every site page. Several ad positions on a page. Ads within search results. Possibility to hide ads for paying members. Geo-targeted ads
  • Affiliate program

    3 types of affiliate payouts in any combination: pay-per-click, pay-per-signup, pay-per-subscription. Both fixed and percent commission.
  • Text/image watermark on photo/video

    Customizable watermark - custom text with selected foreground and background color or a custom image. Customizable position and padding.
  • Free registration or by-invitation-only

    Free join or closed club mode when new members are invited by members and/or admin.
  • Multiple languages

    Convenient interface that makes working with site languages quick and simple. Missing values track, language keys and values search. Really easy to add new languages right from admin panel. No programming or file work needed!
  • Navigation

    Menu items customized in Administration Panel.
  • Custom pages

    Create custom pages on your site right from the Admin Panel!
  • Advanced 'Who is online' list

    Browse online members by gender.
  • Captcha

    Blocks automatic signup attempts.
  • Site Security

    Adds another level of protection against Spam attacks with extensive mail settings, Block Country by IP feature and integration of StopForumSpam Blocked IP database.
  • Links page

    Easily managed link exchange page with sections.
  • Hash & Salt user passwords

    Your users' passwords will be stored in the database as encrypted symbols, making it impossible for a hacker to use this data for any malicious purposes.
  • Newsfeed

    A Facebook-style activity stream displaying updates on the members' statuses and activity items. Members can follow and comment on other users' activity. The feature can be enabled/disabled via the Admin Panel.
  • Profile lists

    View featured members (selected by admin), online members, new members, birthdays, etc. Feature can be configured to let members see profiles of preferred sex only.
  • Coupon codes

    Allows site Admins to provide discounts for membership subscriptions to their site users.

Administrator Features

  • SMS billing

    Get payments by sms for web site services such as Hot List and 24 hour trial Membership.
  • Moderators

    Assign members to moderate your web site content.
  • Membership management

    Fully customizable membership types, subscription plans, prices, periods. Subscription, free trial, paid trial supported.
  • Finance

    Transaction list, refunds, chargebacks management. Search, calculator.
  • Limited features management

    Choose what site features and services are available to a each of the membership types.
  • Photo verification

    Make your web site a safe place for dating. This tool helps you check if uploaded photos belong to real site members.
  • Matchmaking setup

    Custom regular and 'match' fields creation makes it easy to set up matchmaking based on the profile questions you want. Great for niche dating.
  • User/photo moderation

    Full control of member's profile content and status, uploaded photo, multimedia, and membership review. Batch photo approve tool.
  • Automatic photo crop tool

    Automatically seeks and crops faces in member photos. Perfect for thumbnails in search results. Available as FaceJuggle addon.
  • Profile questions/fields

    Unlimited custom profile questions. Complete control of registration, edit, view, search form questions. Unlimited number of registration, edit, view form pages. Possibility to divide questions into sections.
  • Dependent profile fields

    Great feature allowing to build subset of profile questions depending on the value of a base field. Must-have for sites with differentiated profile types (couples).
  • Payment providers

    Possibility to set up an unlimited number of payment providers for site members' convenience. Perfect for popular 'PayPal or Credit Card' setup. Numerous providers (including PayPal,CCBill) already integrated.
  • Admin Panel interface for Index/ MemberHome page customization

    A simplified component-based interface for editing Index/MemberHome page content HTML and styles. No server access required.
  • Mass mailing

    Send new features notifications, promotion actions and distribute ads within your member base. Flexible user segmentation by profile questions or membership types. Possibility to send bulk messages either to internal site mailboxes, or directly to members' email addresses.
  • Activity scheduler

    Customizable timetable for reminder mass-mailing, matches delivery and abandoned profile deletion based on member last activity time. Possibility to send out notifications a certain number of days before the membership expiration date.
  • Notifications about new member registration

    Site Administrators can activate new member registration notifications to provide prompt support and profile review.
  • Google analytics

    Add your Google analytics code right from the Admin Panel. No code interference.

General Overview

  • Fast, stable and reliable dating site software engine.
  • Functional modules and interface layouts independency, thus real flexibility of creating a unique look and feel
  • Easy languages management - translate your site within Administration panel
  • Powerful configuration makes SkaDate the right choice for any custom online dating or social networking site
  • Wise AJAX technology use for faster user and admin experience

Site monetization

SkaDate community software has a number of features to help you start your own profitable online business.
  • Memberships

    Create memberships and set your own subscription fees and privileges.
  • User Points system

    Allows users to buy points (credits) and spend them on site services.
  • Advertisement

    Add links and banners from Google Ads and earn on a CPI & CPC basis.
  • SMS Billing

    Integrated SMS-billing payment system.
  • 24 trial membership

    Promotional 24 hour membership that can be purchased via SMS.
  • Hot List

    Paid featured profile placement.

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