What We Can Do

We offer custom software (web/mobile) development of any scale and complexity. We can build your custom project using our platform (Oxwall/SkaDate) as foundation, or we can create a completely original work for you from scratch.

Our team will help to assess your project and shape a detailed development roadmap for it. Your initial vision will be formulated into a milestones-based action plan. To reach every milestone, the project will be split into iterations, with clear set stage goals, and delivery schedules.

The in-house design team will help you create initial product design and/or UI/UX elements, which will serve as the base for the rest of the production. We can incorporate ready sketches, cooperate with designers already working for our clients, or take on the design duties full-time from scratch.

The entire process is fully transparent. We can set up daily or weekly reports and feedback sessions to make sure you are always in control. Iterations reports from Project Managers include the T&M records, showing actual hours spent on the project. The assigned staff working on the project passed all the necessary screenings and have paperwork confirming their qualification.

Your Project Team

The basic team composition for project work always consists of the following members (with additional staff available at request) –

- Project Manager

A Project Manager will always keep in touch with you, help to prepare the project for the kick-off, create the iteration schedule, communicate with the dev/design teams during the implementation, report back to you and make sure your feedback is applied appropriately and timely.

- Senior Software Developer

Senior Developer is the team lead for the project, who’s in charge of all the coding. We only assign our top-most specialists with at least five years of experience and history with our company to Bespoke clients.

- Designer & Markup Specialist

All projects require full understanding of the way the finished products will operate/look before going into development and production. This understanding comes from product design, created, delivered and signed off by our highly skilled specialists.

- Quality Assurance Team

Depending on the project complexity we can assign several QA specialists to speed-up the process of testing the completed development work. Testing is done at the end of each iteration, as well as the overall project closure, to ensure stability and fine progression to the end.

Process Stages at a Glance

1. Formal Introduction
  • NDA signed by the parties;
  • Rough project estimate is provided to the client, based on basic concept ideas;
2. Project Commitment
  • Detailed project specs are discussed and approved;
  • Project split into iterations with specific timeframes and deliverables (Agile/Scrum methodology);
  • Team best suited for the project assembled and approved;
  • License, Service, and Statement of Work Agreements are drafted and signed;
3. Project Implementation
  • Development, production and testing environments are prepared for the project launch;
  • Project’s product design created and signed off;
  • Iterations are split into sprints with Team Lead and PM setting daily tasks and drafting progress reports;
  • Deliverables are tested and deployed on the dev environment twice a week;
  • Iteration results are deployed to prod environment in accordance with SOW schedule;
4. Project Closure
  • Project launched into production state;
  • All works and documents are transferred to the client’s administration team;
  • Client’s training is performed if necessary;
  • Deliverables are tested and deployed on the dev environment twice a week;
  • Support and maintenance periods begin if provisioned;


SkaDate Software License / Premium Package $2,999

  • – A non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free License to use the platform for all project needs;
  • – Project detalization and formalization by Project Manager;
  • – Paperwork handling, including drafting of custom License, Service and Statement of Work agreements;
  • – Initial product design, UX/UI sketching by Design team;
  • – Development, testing, and production environments setup;

Project Implementation $11,000 per Month

  • – The price is based on the T&M $90 per hour billing rate, where $90 is the fee for a development team of four specialists – Project Manager, Senior Developer, Design/Markup Specialist, and QA Specialist;
  • – Monthly invoices are issued bi-weekly; Custom invoice schedule is negotiable;
  • – Each additional senior developer to speed-up project development is available at $11,000 per Month.

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