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Inside SkaDate Dating Script: The Importance of Profile Questions

SkaDate has a great and flexible system for Profile Questions. But what are they, and why it’s important to get them right? Read on to find out.

Filling out questionnaires or profile questions outlining some personal information is one of the key steps along their online dating journey for any dating site member. The more thorough the collected data is, the better the chances to find a perfect match. This is why we recommend all aspiring online dating moguls to pay extra attention when working with Profile Questions system within SkaDate Dating Software.

In fact, the way you pick the list of questions and present them to new site members will most likely affect how often the users will return to your site or recommend it to others. The good news is that SkaDate dating script gives you a very easy, flexible and surprisingly deep system for setting up profile questions.

Let’s look at some of the system’s specific characteristics: 

  • You create profile questions for each separate account type (by default it’s gender, but can be anything really). This way you can create different sets of questions targeted at your female and male members. It’s particularly useful because men and women are not always guided by the same set of values when selecting their match. With SkaDate you have complete freedom when it comes to profile question targeting, depending on your site’s concept and desired audience.
  • SkaDate lets you play around with a variety of different styles for profile questions (like presenting them as lists, employing radio buttons, or using ranges, for instance, for age-related questions). On top of that, you can create the questions of your own.

  • You are also in control of where exactly on the site the questions will appear. Choose from Join, Edit, Profile View, Search, etc.
  • With SkaDate you’ll be talking to your members in the language they understand. Literally. All profile questions and answers can be easily translated into different languages to suit your targeted location.

There are tons more stuff you can do with profile questions if you get creative. Just talk to our professional support team, and they will consult you with the best direction to take, or help you with the setup. Or you can leave absolutely everything to us – just get SkaDate Advanced Solution, where your personal Project Manager will handle all the chores after discussing all the details with you. Give us a call if you have any questions, and we’ll help you save time and money in launching your very own online dating business.