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SkaDate Team: Margareth,
Quality Assurance Manager

Margareth SkaDate Quality Assurance

The team behind SkaDate Dating Software (the leader in the competitive dating solutions market) considers quality a key factor. We want our customers to receive the end-product that in the very least meets, or better yet exceeds all expectations. The job of a Software Quality Assurance Manager is to make sure this is done right. Meet Margareth Aks, another integral member of the SkaDate team, and a highly experienced software testing professional here at Skalfa.

Margareth 3

Tell us more about your work at the company.

After a product or a new feature goes through design and development stages, they end up in my hands for testing and uncovering possible issues. My job involves finding and fixing product defects in collaboration with product managers, designers and web developers.

SkaDate includes quite a lot of very different features, so besides making sure the software functions in the intended manner, I also check the compatibility of all new features with the ones already in the product. At the same time, it is my responsibility to communicate with our Support Department for better understanding of SkaDate customers’ view on the solution.

What skills are the most important in your field?

Actually, I’d say passion is the most important thing. You can only do best if you love your job. It is my 8th year here at Skalfa, loving and enjoying what I do. It requires a lot of attention to detail, strong analytical skills, persistence and technical background, since my responsibilities include debugging the code and looking in depth at other software issues. Good communication skills are also a must in a collaborative work environment, such as our multi-department company. I’ll add integrity to the list too: being honest and ethical is vital.

What is the biggest challenge in working with projects like SkaDate?

I have a long history working with SkaDate Dating Script, which allows me to to deal easily with any challenge :).  Still, you always must be ready to enter different modes to tackle an immediate issue at hand: customer mode, product designer-mode, developer mode, etc. Also, never stop learning.

You mentioned it is your 8th year in the company, how do you feel about it?

I’d stay here for 108 years more! What I feel here is being a part of a family – sharing the same values toward work, products, and customers.  Skalfa is like a factory where we produce cool things people actually need and use. This realization gives me enormous satisfaction of being in the right place at the right time.