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SkaDate Complete Package


SkaDate Complete Package is for those who want to launch their own dating website and/or dating Web App business. With this option, you will have a branded website and branded Progressive Web Apps working together.

SkaDate Complete Package consists of:


– Full-featured dating site based on SkaDate software;
– Re-branding to your own name and removal of SkaDate branding;
– Website product source code;
– Native and 3rd party plugins and themes for SkaDate;
– Access to Premium template collection from SkaDate;
Progressive Web Apps with source code; with source code;
– Direct monetization for mobile apps;
– Documentation.


– Professional installation;
– 1 month of standard support included (after that $99/month, optional);
– 1 month of hosting included (after that $120/year, optional);
– Mobile app setup (branding, features, monetization);


Custom development

– Our team of developers and designers is ready to take on your custom needs both for the website and mobile apps;
– Fixed costs and timeframes;
– NDA possible;
– Intellectual property privacy guaranteed.


– Standard email support.


SkaDate Complete Package FAQ

Is SkaDate Complete Package right for me?
Can I upgrade to other options later?
How does it differ from other SkaDate packages?
How is SkaDate different from other companies?
Is SkaDate Complete Package right for me?

It’s SkaDate’s most effective (and thus most popular) option and is right for those who want a combination of website and mobile apps working together, with the further ability of customization. You will get a supported dating website and Progressive Web Apps (no need to distribute them through app stores).

Can I upgrade to other options later?

Yes, upgrade is as easy as reaching out to our team, and we don’t charge extra for that.

How is SkaDate different from other companies?

Extensive answer to this question is here.

About Support

Is support included?
What kind of support do you offer?
Why don't you offer free support?
Is support included?

We offer 1 month of support included for Basic and Complete Packages. Premium Package customers enjoy 1 year of included support.

1 month is more than enough to set everything up but if you need more support from us, it's available for just $99/month.

What kind of support do you offer?
  • We offer 24 hour response guarantee time (excluding weekends), while typical response takes not more than a couple of hours during work hours;
  • Our standard support work hours are 9am-5pm GMT+6 (8pm-4am PST), Monday through Friday;
Why don't you offer free support?

Consider a situation: You have some sort of technical problem with your hosting and it really affects your business and you ask us to resolve it ASAP. There's a team of trained professionals who will jump on the problem, figure out your specifics, find out the problem and provide the solution in timely manner. The question is, will they work for free?

We've been in the business since 2004 and have seen competitors come and go. All of them tried to offer free support in a desperate bid to make any sales. In fact, when you see a "free support" promise, this is a big red flag --  a clear attempt to make a sale without regard to tomorrow. These competitors will tell you a lot about what doesn't work in the field of supporting dating businesses.

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