Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated Project Manager will oversees all major aspects of your custom project
A dedicated Project Manager will oversees all major aspects of your custom project, from planning to execution. Our PM will take care of the communication between you and various SkaDate teams (development, product design, quality assurance, etc.)

Always available for all Bespoke Solution customers.


Optionally available for Premium and Complete customers.


Essential for projects that require custom development/design.


Skype calls can be scheduled at agreed support hours.

How is PM different from regular support?

  • One point of contact: Any questions you might have (regarding the product, hosting, performance, marketing, etc.) and any related issues will get handled by one person who works directly with different teams at SkaDate.
  • Proactive service: Your project manager will oversee and anticipate different stages of your project and come back to you with questions, suggestions, and timely information. This is unlike regular customer service, which is a reactive type of support.
  • Custom development: The dedicated project manager is a function that was created to meet the demand for tighter co-operation for custom projects, as the best vehicle to ensure timely communication and coordination.
  • Response rates: Just like with regular SkaDate support, you are guaranteed to receive a response to your inquiries at least once per 24-hour cycle (during the working week). However, additional communication options can be arranged directly with your dedicated Project Manager.

Who needs a Project Manager

You need a Project Manager if you consider launching a large project and require the assistance of a profession. Our Project Manager will represent the customer’s interests in our company. This person develops all project details and specifications together with the customer, communicates with various teams inside the company, and reports back to the customer.

The PM is responsible for delivering the project in time and by the specification.

Obviously, this kind of support is hard to scale. To maintain quality this highly demanded service is offered exclusively with SkaDate Bespoke Solution, and can be arranged for large-scale Premium Package clients.

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