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Skadate Dating Software Niches 101: Dating for Smokers

Skadate Dating Software Niches 101: Dating for Smokers


Welcome back to SkaDate Dating Software monthly column Niches 101, where I continue to find the most fascinating niches for your online business.

Psychologists say that people tend to like someone who shares their habits despite popular belief that opposites attract. In the Internet it works the same way: users visit websites according to their interests and build virtual relationships with those who act and think like themselves. So, for successful online dating business with SkaDate Dating Software you need to choose a niche attracting the target audience which is large enough to generate a high web traffic, but at the same time narrow enough to be a concentrated and highly converting market for Internet advertising.

Thinking about that, I came to the idea that smokers can be an ideal audience for dating website. Statistics shows that nowadays there are 1.1 billion smokers in the world, and if current tendency continue, that number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2025.   33 percent among smokers don’t  even have an intention to quit ,сonsidering their passion as a lifestyle. All those people are the potential target audience for your website.

Smokers do often experience different forms of discrimination: non-smokers make faces when they light up and say that kissing a smoker is like a kissing an ashtray,  in addition state laws prohibit smoking in social places. I’ve surfed Internet forums to find what non-smokers  dating smokers think: all of them are repulsed by the taste and smell of cigarette smoke. Even though they may tolerate it, they don’t like it. If a non-smoker is very attracted to his smoking partner, he would not mention that it bothers him, but if he is not, he would complain. In any case, at least one in a couple feels discomfort.

Smokers dating website is a place that allows smoking singles to find  partners who share their lifestyle and would never argue about that. Some people have already realized how profitable this niche is and founded dating website devoted to smokers dating like Smokers-Match, Puffing Singles, Dating for Smokers and Findasmoker, but competition is not too high yet. So, it’s a good time to try yourself and build a dating website for smoking singles, powered by SkaDate Dating Script.  Be successful and see you next month in Niches 101.

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