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Hi guys!

Today we continue our series helping you understand better how to effectively promote your site powered by SkaDate Dating Software. In previous articles we already looked into incorporating social media into your strategy, answered some of the most frequent marketing questions, and presented you infographics explaining all there is to know about image dimensions for various social media platforms.

This time we are going to step into more advanced territory, namely launching and using Facebook’s paid promotional options. Needless to say, you have to be a registered Facebook user before moving forward. If you aren’t one for some reason, go ahead and register – regardless of your personal views on the platform, nowadays it is still one of the absolute must-have marketing tools around. Anyway, once you’ve registered, you get a wonderful option in a personal Ads Manager, and that’s where all the magic will happen.


Go ahead and click it. You’ll end up on a Dashboard with all the necessary information for management of advertising campaigns, account settings, billing, as well as some other tools. Let’s get right to business and proceed by clicking the green Create Ad button at the top right corner of the page.


You’ll end up with three options in the left-hand menu – Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad; so let’s dissect it, and move step by step.


This is where you select the objective of your entire promotion campaign with a helpful choice from Facebook. All ads created under this particular campaign will target the goal selected during this step.

Hint: the best objective for the initial promotion of your dating site is “Send people to your site”. “Boost your posts” and “Promote your page” are also good if you want to promote your Facebook page along the website.

Choosing the “Send people to your site” objective will prompt Facebook to ask you to add a special pixel to your site. This is necessary for your forthcoming remarketing objectives, and better tracking of ads efficiency. Adding the Facebook pixel to a site running on SkaDate Dating Software is fairly simple – just copy the code given to you by Facebook and place it in the ‘Custom Head Code’ field under Admin Panel -> Settings -> Page Settings on your site.


Ad Set

This is where you set up your target audience, budget and schedule. Note that all ads under one group will be aimed at one chosen target audience. Hence, if you plan to target several different audiences, you can create more than one ad groups. This is also helpful later on for comparing targeting efficiency.

We highly advise you to get familiar with all the available target audience settings before launching your ads. The system is very flexible and will allow you to choose from a plenty of various combinations and targeting options.


Facebook allows you to supplement each of your ads with up to five images – those will be randomly displayed to viewers until the system determines which ones are more effective.

The recommended text volume for an ad body is 90 symbols, although you can go over the limit. All other fields have a fixed length, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Hint: create several ads with different text and image content – this way Facebook (using its advanced algorithms) will have the choice of selecting the best possible ads to display to specific audience at specific time, which is great for efficiency.


Nevertheless, even when you see a clear leader among your ads, for example in click-through rates (CTR), don’t disable all the others. Sooner or later your target audience may get tired and bored of one of your ads, and then you’ll see the long standing leader suddenly lose its positions.

In addition, we highly recommend monitoring your progress outside of Facebook, using Google Analytics, and mark all of your advertising activity with UTM attributes. Click here for more information on the subject.

In one of the future posts we’ll cover the specifics of monitoring the efficiency of your online advertising activity. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your online dating business!

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