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Entering The Future with Progressive Web Apps

SkaDate PWA

Entering The Future with Progressive Web Apps


The SkaDate team is happy to report that we are joining the growing number of tech companies that have entered the future of mobile web app development. Starting August 1st we will be offering our clients full PWA experience. PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps and brings along a ton of additional benefits for match-based online business owners.


What is PWA


PWA is the natural progression of mobile app development that is taking the mobile world by storm. In short, PWAs look and feel just like native mobile apps, but work without the need to download them from app stores. These apps work with any browser, and like regular native apps will have its own icon on your phone’s homepage and in the app drawer.


PWA and Mainstream


Mainstream tech media already dubbed 2018 the year of Progressive Web Apps. At this point, the question is who isn’t getting on the PWA bandwagon. Everyone, including Forbes, Financial Times, Lancome, Flipkart, AliExpress, Pinterest, Telegram, Twitter, etc., is already running PWAs. Even Tinder, the dating giant that built its entire business foundation on native apps has a PWA, with reported user engagement up across the board.


Benefits for Your Business


It’s no secret that Apple is tightening its regulations regarding what goes into its app store. Basically, Apple wants only top quality, unique apps – creme de la creme. Quite literally, this comes at a very high price. If Apple decided that it has enough Tinder-like dating apps, it will simply stop accepting all of them. This risk is not always apparent for new apps, and the back and forth with Apple can take months, determining what part of the app the tech giant sees as a repetition of some existing property. Usually, it’s a guesswork, as Apple rejects newly submitted apps without much explanation, only citing its broad guidelines and policies.


With PWAs you remove this risk entirely. Any app can be installed and run on any smartphone. This not only saves you time but also money. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on design and feature customization, and also remove the necessity of maintaining a yearly-paid dev account. On top of that, you no longer have to share your hard earned revenue with Apple. Not many people know this up front, but you have to give Apple 30% of any money you make with native apps. With PWAs you keep absolutely everything to yourself.


Promoting your apps becomes significantly easier as well since you streamline your efforts. Anyone who’s ever tried app store optimization and marketing knows what a tedious and low-efficiency task that is. With PWA you concentrate on what matters most – promoting your concept and service. Think about it – everyone knows about Tinder. But no one learned about Tinder from its presence in the app store. Instead, it was an old-school content marketing effort – regular ads, articles, and blog posts about the service. Now you can do the same, without spending money raising your app visibility among others in the app store.


In Summation


SkaDate Progressive Web Apps remove time constraints, submission headaches, profits sharing, marketing hurdles. Instead, they give your users quick access to your mobile presence in the form of a fully functional application that looks and feels like a native app. Welcome to the future guys!

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