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SkaDate Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps - is an add-on consisting of native iOS and Android applications for your dating site members, specifically developed for iPhones and Android phones. Among other things, apps feature newsfeed, photo upload, instant messenger, search, profile browsing and a possibility to send/receive messages. The sleek and easy-to-use applications allow your site members to stay connected in the most convenient way.

* Please note that SkaDate Application requires iOS 4/Android 2.3 and higher to run.

SkaDate mobile solutions is another great advantage for your site powered by SkaDate Dating Script, encouraging members to communicate and interact in a number of ways, as well as get the best of their online dating experience no matter where they are - at home with a cup of tea, or on a trip with their favorite mobile device.

SkaDate Mobile Apps is a one-time cost add-on that you can get at just $199. Contact our pre-sale team for any more questions.

Mobile Applications Demo

iPhone Application - Download the SkaDate application to your iPhone. Install the application. Enter the SkaDate demo site URL: www.skadate.com/demo, and demo user details (login: demo ; password: demo).

Android Applications - Download the SkaDate application to your Android smartphone. Install the application. Enter the SkaDate demo site URL: www.skadate.com/demo, and demo user details (login: demo ; password: demo).


Additional Information:

- SkaDate Mobile Apps were developed by SOD Technologies exclusively for SkaDate.
- Skadate iOS and Android apps were tested to work with the unmodified latest versions of SkaDate Master.
- If your SkaDate-powered site has been modified (custom modification involving DB changes), some of the app features may function incorrectly or may not be available. SOD Technologies offer to perform the necessary changes to integrate the app with your website at additional fees.
- The SkaDate mobile app requires continuous, strong internet connection to interact with the SkaDate server to retrieve and display the details required.
- All SkaDate installations are slightly different. In case of any issues with the integration of apps with your website, please contact us for resolution.
- Custom modification to personalize apps for your website can be performed by SkaDate and SOD Technologies for an additional charge. Please see the plans below.

Customization Packages for SkaDate Mobile Apps

Basic Package

1. Branding change - Replace default application name and icon to the ones used on your website, and also remove Site URL field for all visitors during the sign-in.
2. Application approval process - We will resubmit the app to App Store and Android Market for approval.

Price: $99

Premium Package

1. Branding change - The app will have your site name and logo on it.
2. Application approval process - We will resubmit the app to App store and Android market for approval.
3. App Banner on homepage - A banner informing users about mobile version of your site on the main site index page.
4. Custom Themes.
5. Flow change.
6. Custom feature development - Addition/ Removal.
7. Integration with a modified site.
9. Any additional customization.

Price: Contact SOD Technologies for a quote.

Updates, Extra Charges, and Other Info Regarding Mobile Apps

  • All SkaDate Mobile Apps customers have the option of running generic default applications, which entitles them to free future updates.
  • TheThe introduction of customizations (Basic and Premium Packages) will result in applications’ code changes, which might require reintroducing past customizations for a new submit and approval in the Apple and Android stores. The update fee for applications with Basic Package customizations is $49 paid to SkaDate, and $30 per platform (or $60 for both iOS and Android platforms), for update of applications with Premium Package customizations paid to SOD Technologies.
  • Running customized applications require opening accounts and re-submitting apps to corresponding vendors (Apple Store, Android’s Google Play) at possible additional charges.
  • Note that Apple have strict and complicated regulations concerning applications submitted to its Store. During the review process Apple Store can reject applications linked to sites with explicit adult content.

Contact Details

For all support issues regarding SkaDate Mobile Apps please contact SkaDate Support:
Email: support@skadate.com

For Premium Package customization inquiries regarding SkaDate Mobile Apps please contact SOD Technologies:
Email: skadate@sodtechnologies.com