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SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: September 21 – 25

SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: September 21 – 25


by Zima

Hi, guys! Today I’m going to try something new. I’m going to combine a news digest format with our monthly SkaDate Dating Software Roundup collection. As it happens, monthly compilations are fairly limited by definition, and never allowed me to share all the news I wanted with owners of sites running on SkaDate dating script. Let’s see if you like the new system.

In the roundup: Online dating apps can just be the new wingman, and other top online dating stories from the past couple of days.

Do dating apps really help shy singles? (CNN)

Dave Lieb, Bump CEO: “It fits very well with that moment where you’re nervous and want to meet someone new but don’t know how how to approach them and ask for a number.”

Over two million Filipina women sign up for an online dating service (Herald)

Jason Johnson, Marketing Manager at Cupid Media: “On most dating sites, you will find men complaining about the lack of female members. turns this complaint on its head. With over 2 million active Filipino women on the site, the men on are definitely not complaining about the lack of attention.”

Zoo animals need online dating too (Sky News)

Producing offspring is not the only purpose of online zoo dating, by carefully managing the breeding of the small number of animals in zoo programs, world zoos aim to retain 90% of the genetic diversity of a species found in the wild over a 100 years.

How online dating can change with further development of mobile apps (Red Orbit)

Susan Hogan, WPRI: “Some potential users are hesitant because of safety risks. Experts say to make sure you are only checking in at public places, and always tell someone where you are going. Also, just because you are in the same place as another person on the app, doesn’t mean you have to meet that person right away… send out an email or text if you’re nervous, then just set up another time and place to meet.”

A personal experience of attending Brandon Wade’s party (Jewish Journal)

Ilana Angel: “I spoke with the founder of the site, Mr. Brandon Wade, and I will tell you that he is lovely… We spoke for quite a while and I liked him.  He was a shy and nerdy guy, somewhat awkward, and not good with the ladies so he saw a need for himself.  He created a site where men with money, but no game, could meet women.  Important to note that he met his wife on the site.”

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