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Speed-Dating Script

Speed-dating conception is quite simple, just like most worthy inventions. Equal number of men and women (seeking a

prospective spouse) gather in one place to go though a series of short meetings. They get a limited amount of time for a conversation with each participant, and then choose who they’d like to meet again based on the first impression.

We can’t call speed-dating a new invention (the first event took place in 1998). Live speed-dating events have been popular for quite a while, because they: a) allow you to meet several new people within one date, which saves a bunch of time, and increases your chances to find somebody you’ll truly like; b) help you skip the nervous break-the-ice stage by creating relaxed social atmosphere; c) don’t make you feel uncomfortable telling your date that you don’t want to meet again; b) save you from having to spend hours on a date with a person you happen to dislike – each mini-date takes a few minutes, which is quite bearable.

This fun and easy date conception worked very well on dating sites, too. Instead of meeting in person people could exchange private text messages, or chat through web cam with a number of date candidates sitting at home with a cup of tea.

This way of online communication gets a dating/social networking site to a new level of interactivity, and can liven up traditional online dating experience.

SkaDate Dating Software developers are now making the speed-dating feature available in the upcoming script version.
Speed-dating will be available for free download to all the SkaDate customers along with the new software version*.Skadate Dating Script owners will have another great tool to make members stick to the site and recommend it to their friends. We hope you will enjoy the user-friendly interface of the speed-dating feature, and the opportunities it has to offer.