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Start Your Dating Site for Fitness Lovers with SkaDate Dating Software

Create online dating site for fitness lovers easily and affordably with SkaDate Dating Software.

Why Choose Fitness Dating Niche?

When it comes to finding a partner or soulmate, everyone has different requirements. Some people don’t care about physical shape at all, while others look specifically for athletic individuals. Understandably, it’s much easier and more enjoyable to go through life when you share similar interests with your partner. A dating site powered by SkaDate dating script is a great way to make that happen. 

For many athletic people their lifestyle dictates their everyday priorities. So when a fit person wants to meet someone with similar interests, it’s not for purely superficial reasons like looks. No – they need a partner who will not question crazy workout schedules, can easily join the conversation on effectiveness of new protein shakes, and will gladly skip a beer party in favor of a gym session. 

Needles to say the best place to meet such people is your local gym. Ironically though, gyms are the places with one of the highest social pressure rates around. Meaning that even people who want to get fit sometimes are afraid to go there due to potential peer pressure, nevermind going there and striking a conversation with strangers. Online dating removes this hurdle and makes it easier to find a workout partner, with potential to becoming a romantic one as well.

Many major online dating sites have options to limit your desired singles pool to include only fit individuals. However, the overall targeting of major sites is way too broad for our specific goal. A much better option is to go the athletic niche route – this is where sports dating sites come to play.       

The growing trend of fitness consciousness and the desire to have a perfectly toned body has also increased the popularity of athletic-themed websites; as a result, these online meeting places have millions of active profiles, and visitor have a much better chance to find their perfect date quickly and easily there.  

If you are looking for inspiration to start your dating site for fitness enthusiasts, take a look at several major portals catering to this specific demographic. is a site for sporty dating. This website focuses on matching you with healthy and fit members who enjoy an active lifestyle. is another popular sports dating site for fitness and sports enthusiasts across the globe. A Gold membership there allows sending unlimited emails, chat and see other people’s galleries. A VIP membership is also an option for a wider exposure. gives you many ways to interact with other site visitors through private messages, chat groups, and message boards. To get more sign-ups, the site has a 3-day trial to show the new recruits all it has to offer.

Visit these sites to get a better feel of what fitness enthusiasts look for in a website, and the way you can monetize your own sports themed website created with SkaDate dating software.

Make Money with Dating Sites for Fitness Lovers

We imagine your interest in launching a sports-themed dating site isn’t purely altruistic. Matching like-minded singles is all nice and dandy, but there’s real money in there too. The niche is populated with people who do spend regularly and are ready to part with their earnings if you give them what they want. The obvious first step is to set up different level paid memberships to join your club. But there’s also a lot of potential for upsell. Think about selling advice books, motivational courses, gym equipment, sports gear, food supplements, etc. Add to this advertising of your local gyms and sport related events. The monetary potential of this niche is enormous.

Create Dating Site for Sports Enthusiasts

allows you to create online dating sites for any niche very easily and effortlessly. Unlike competition we focus on business side of things. Our services are unmatched, since we can do everything for you from start to finish. You can start small, with just a website, or get a full package with native SkaDate mobile dating apps. You can even go full custom, in which case we’ll give you a personal project manager to handle all modifications and set up chores.

SkaDate dating script itself is the best option on the market, with tons of built-in features and dating themes, as well as thousands of additional third-party and native plugins available in our store. On top of that we have a robust developers community ready to create any plugin for you if you can’t find it. Even the third-party development platforms like upWork have hundreds of programmers familiar with our code and infrastructure.

If you are still on the fence whether to create a dating site for fitness lovers, or any niche, just gives us a call. We’ll happily consult you about all aspects of launching online dating business – all requirements, specifications, and the services we provide to help you with this task. You can also request a trial and even a guided tour of our software. Contact us today and get a discount for answering a short questionnaire. Good luck to you with your business, and hope to see you among our customers!