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SkaDate Releases New Mobile Dating Apps for iOS and Android

SkaDate Releases New Mobile Dating Apps for iOS and Android

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UPD (December 2017): Due to the release of new mobile apps, we suspend the support for the previous-generation SkaDate native apps starting January 1, 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience and invite you to continue your online dating business with our new and improved mobile apps. Contact our support team for any questions regarding the switch from old native apps to new ones.

SkaDate Dating Software is happy to announce the long-awaited release of its brand new mobile dating apps for iOS and Android. This is not an update of our popular apps for online dating business. The new applications are the natural evolution of the familiar model with a revamped concept and bold design.

What’s New?

SkaDate Apps now sport new striking visuals, setting them apart from the competition. Your users will enjoy the trendy looks familiar from other mainstream dating apps. Speaking of established trends, SkaDate Applications for iOS and Android feature two visual modes – one for classic traditional dating, and also what we call a Tinder skin. The latter is what most online dating users became accustomed to in the last few years.

Indeed, your users can now easily find a match, just like in Tinder. Just let them swipe through pics of other singles the way it is meant to be in mobile dating. Alternatively, switch back to classic mode, and browse users profile the old fashioned way.



While working on the new apps, we employed all the latest development techniques, following iOS and Android recommendations and regulations. This means the scope for customizations and modifications expanded enormously. Changing your app logo, background, color palettes, custom images, etc., just became easier. Advanced mods, which took months to complete before, are now also much more accessible, and what’s more important, affordable to regular customers. In short, you can now save time and money making your dating app unique. Click here to see more screenshots of the new apps.

Features List

Tinder Skin

Swipe through singles just like in other swipe-based apps


Advanced search based on individual user settings

Hot List

Monetizable feature for best matching opportunities


Send and receive messages to other singles right from the app


Add new photos or delete the ones you don’t like

In-app purchases

Monetize your apps with the addition of in-app purchases

Push Notifications

Receive notifications even in while the app is closed


Secure registration from within the app

Facebook Connect

Quick register your profile through Facebook, linking the account to the dating app

Forgot Password

Restore your lost password

Edit Profile

Change your profile data after the registration


Save the profile you liked for later interaction

Guest List

Find out who viewed your profile while you were away

My Matсhes

The list of singles best matched with you

Try Now

There is a lot more we can tell you about new SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps. But it’s better you see everything for yourself. Both, iOS and Android apps are already available in stores, so you can download them and play around in demo mode. Contact us if you have any questions or customization ideas. We are always glad to help you develop any concept into a working business opportunity!


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